Pain, Brain, and Yes you’re insane

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Radio Show Psychic Experiment
Pain Inflicting
Get Your Piano Tuned

Into Pain? Got a video you will love.

They gave the subjects pain, by electrical shock. Then offered to turn it up.
I know, I know. Some of you are saying “where can I get that job”.

After inflicting the first round of pain, they gave them a pill that would intensify their sensitivity to pain.
More shocks of the same intensity. And of course, pain levels were higher.
Then they gave them all a pill that would make them resistant to the pain.
More shocks of the same intensity. And wouldncha know… the subjects had a very low level of pain.
Good drugs!
Of course (you probably guessed it) they were both placebos.

Watch the video here-

We are all so easily manipulated by belief, and placebos are a great example of this. As you watch the video, you realize how easy it is to perceive pain.
But it doesnt require a pill to get this affect.
Your brain is easily directed to a different response- more pain or less pain – your brain doesn’t care. It just goes where you ask it to go.

Piano Anyone?
And if you want your brain to get good at something, like enduring electrical shocks during an experiment where you got paid $10 to be a subect, here is solid proof that it is good to practice while napping.
See the video here.

RADIO experiment-
Today (sunday) on WendiRadio, we did a little psychic experiment. Let’s find out how good you did.
Post image on the comment section here. Later tonight, Sunday, I will pop back in and tell you what it was.

Here are your choices:
Additionally you can describe the object, color, type, etc.

A Hat
A Vegetable
A Truck
A Bed
The Ocean

The Radio show is on Sunday at 4 pm Pacific time, Talk 650 KSTE in Northern California.
Stream it at

It’s your brain, better start using it.


Watch The Video »

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3 Responses to “Pain, Brain, and Yes you’re insane”
  1. Labster1963 says:

    `Oh def a hat, a grey felt fedora to match my hazle eyes twinkleing at Miss Wendi!


  2. Joshua says:

    I saw a box first, then I saw some sort of four-legged animal that vaguely resembled an elephant. So out of the choices you’ve got, I’ll go with a truck. It’s boxy and has four “legs”.

    And like an elephant, it makes very loud low-pitched sounds.

  3. says:

    The answer is:

    The Ocean – I see it sparkling in the sun; I can hear the crashing of the surf and smell the salty sea air. I feel a sense of calm when I see/hear it.

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