Brains and Pains, March 25

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Hypnosis News from March 25 News from WendiWendi Stand

Is Pain all In Your Brain?

Pain and Suffering IACT Big Convention in May London, you and me, baby Teleseminar recorded! Get it now. Radio Today- Fears, traumas and memories

Pain, Suffering, Anguish and Despair

Head PainYour brain knows how to make pain happen and how to make it go away. Pain is a physical problem, of course, but there is also the mental aspect of pain that may be even more responsible for your suffering than the physical cause. I have helped people who have phantom pain, which means that they still feel the full sensations of pain after an amputation. In some cases it is severe and constant. Every person I have worked with for Phantom pain has achieved total relief. Amazing, indeed, that the brain simply needs a technique like a shut off switch. Why is this important for healing your back pain, your headache, or your pain from an old injury? Because it shows us that pain is created in the brain, perpetuated by the brain and can be stopped by resolving the mental and emotional issues that were causing the pain. Watch the video, with a demo to show you how to stop your persistent pain. [googlevideo=] Big Bonus! Order any of these programs, and you will get a GIFT- my Stress Release CD, no charge. Back pain Gone! Clear Head Pain Control Skin Deep Joint Freedom


Big Convention! Get ready for something amazing

Listen~ Finally, a solid hypnosis organization with a convention that LOVES YOU! If you are ready to belong to the most amazing and prestigous organization in the world, get your reservation for the IACT in May. The list of speakers is just beyond your wildest dreams. Convention Line Up here. If you have been dissapointed by other convention organizers, or if you have ever felt that they just don’t care about your needs, or if you have had disagreements that have not been resolved, it is time to take a deep, slow… breath. And smile. It all changes, today! Wow! This is good. I just got the convention catalogue in the mail. The new merger of IMDHA and IACT is an event that is going to become the largest and most prestigous organization in the hypnotherapy world. The list of speakers is impressive. The courses are rock solid and the content is relevant. I will be there, and my full ONE day course is on Hypnosis and Addictions. I gaurantee you will leave with an entirely new view about addictions, the brain, and the solution. I will also be giving a kick ass marketing course. My work with addictions with over 20,000 people around the world has convinced me that this is the perfect time for you to become an expert in this field. Attend my full ONE day course in May, and while you are at the convention, attend my free Marketing Genius course. Please, look at the list of speakers. Your jaw will drop. THANK YOU ROBERT OTTO for creating what has been desperately needed in the Hypnotherapy profession. A resepected and CARING organization that values YOU. Robert is a gem. You will love this convention. See you there! http://www/ London in June! 2 Day conference, with Wendi Friesen (hey, that’s me) Addictions and Hypnotherapy. Certification course with the APHP. Terence Watts is one of the most highly respected Hypnosis trainers and speakers in the world. I am honored that he invited me to present a two day, certication course on addictions. June 2 & 3 Miami- on May 26 and 27th, Bruce Muzik, Wendi Friesen, taking your life and turning it on it’s head. 2 full days. Stay tuned for details. This is another Quantum Manifesting Seminar. It is NOT a rehash of the secret. No no no. It is something very different, that will make sense in many ways.

Teleseminar Recorded! Get it now

phoneIf you missed the marketing Teleseminar, you missed a lot. This is for Hypnotherapists who need to get that EDGE in marketing their business. Get it now, here. Sign up for Tuesdays Teleseminar. March 27

Radio Today- Fears, Traumas, and Memories

Wendi Radio Today How to stop the traumatic or troubling memories of the past. Learn a fast and effective technique on the air. Call in Live! Wendiradio Live on your AM dial!

Talk 650 KSTE in Northern California

Stream it online at join us in the chat room, at Listen to archived shows.

Thanks for reading this far. You are the bomb!

Love, hugs and peace on earth. Wendi
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7 Responses to “Brains and Pains, March 25”
  1. Motorcade says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Motorcade

  2. Don Potter says:

    Your IACT link doesn’t work

  3. Cee says:

    I agree with Linda. I love your laugh, your voice, and especially those breasts, I’ll admit.

  4. LindaB says:


    I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You! I’m sorry your newsletter is a pain… ;) but, I love getting it, and listening to you (I love your laugh!) and the mini sessions you do. The info on pain, and how our brains work is really interesting. I don’t have any pain at the moment, but I did the session anyway. I just imagined sending Love down my spine, and all of a sudden I started to cry. But, it was good! :)

    Anyway, thank you SO much for all that you do!
    Take care!


  5. 4 pm pacific time, 7 pm eastern.
    Today I will try to find a way to get it streamed internationally. I am going to try to put it into the audio video chatroom that is on the radio site. So if you are logged into the chat, and you enable the audio it just might work.
    Cross your finger everyone.


  6. jeff lister says:

    I found it at the wendie radio link, thanks

  7. jeff lister says:

    I dont know what time the radio show begins. Please let me know.

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