What’s In Wendi’s Box? News-March 22

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I actually found, purchased and recieved a Mucaura’s Pulsocon circulator. It vibrates. [googlevideo=http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1039216370375259439&hl=en] And after the video, when you have finished the traumatic memory experiment, be sure to put your before and after results in the comments below. Be good! Wendi If you are really serious about stopping the memories of your past, consider this. Your brain is easily changed, with the right guidance. Subliminals will NOT help, affirmations will make the problem worse, and exposure therapy will make you crazy. These three methods will help. Release the past Yes, I must let go now Release Negative Anchors (you will love this one) get it now Time Line journey Heal big issues from your past
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2 Responses to “What’s In Wendi’s Box? News-March 22”
  1. Here’s part of my challenge…still working on recognizing 10 other people.

    10 qualities: hard-working, determined, intelligent, articulate, inspiring, confident, funny, sincere, caring, and resourceful

    10 lives touched: Greg, Michael, Joyce, Joanne, Kim, Brad, John, Kathy, Jill, Lisa

    Thanks for all you do!

  2. Tony Cooper says:

    5 now a 3

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