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It’s that time of year for the question that begs an answer… March 28
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Your Butt
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Early in my hypnotherapy career, I was depressed, gained 20 pounds, hated my body and my life. Things were not going well. I was broke, sad, and hopeless. But the thing I hated the most was my weight. When I was ready to get in the shower, I would see my fat and shudder. But, then I went "hmmm". What if I changed that negative anchor entirely. What if I loved my rolls, laughed at my layers? And that is just what I did. (do not visualize as you read this next part) After I disrobed, as I caught myself in the mirror, I did a little dance and got down with my bad self. I laughed and loved myself. I sang out loud "Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight. Get down tonight". An amazing thing happened. The weight came off, I had energy to workout and I ate less. The sight of my body changed from a negative anchor to a positive one. I double dog dare you to try it EVERY morning. More help needed? Try my Ultimate Self Love Sessions. Be Happy.
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Do these jeans make my butt look fat? Suns out, trench coat is off. You look in the mirror, strain to see the angle from the posterior view, and try to assess the damage of a long winter in hiding. — for my friends who’s seasons are reversed, my apologies– Spring Video Yes, we are talking about your butt. Afraid to step on the scale for fear it will scream? You look in the mirror, try the angle from the other side…looking at it from this angle… hmmm… it doesnt really look that bad. Surely it can’t be that big. Or is it? Butt camp. That’s what we need. Things have spread and it is time for action.. Winter, and the lack of sunlight is partly to blame. When it is dark and cold we tend to eat more and move less. Nature makes us store up fat for the cold, dark, foodless season. Our mood changes because of the lack of sun, many people experience depression for Seasonal Affected Disorder. (Lack of sun) I would like to propose a solution. Here are the top 10 things you can do to jolt your butt into shape. 1- Get your mind in shape. Change the blueprint so you won’t gain the weight back. Watch this video. 2- Get a pedometer. Challenge yourself to 10,000 steps a day! 3- Before a meal, eat 12 almonds or 6 walnuts. They have protien and a they trick your brain into feeling full. 4- Psyllium husk. Drink it. The Fiber that wins an academy award for cleaning your intestines. 5- Hot Peppers make your brain feel full. Use Cayenne pepper or hot, spicy foods to continue the effect. 6- Grapefruit- as fragrance in oil, and in drink (not sweetened) before meals. Grapefruit does amazing things for fat burning. 7- Lemon juice in your water. Fresh squeezed only. Alkalinizes your cells so they can release fat. Really? Yes. 8- Omega 3′s morning and night. Miraculous for your brain and body. These will make you leaner. 9- Stop the hypnosis! The negative stuff anyway. Do not tell yourself that you are lazy, can’t lose weight, or share with your friends all your woes about how you just look at a donut and gain 5 pounds. Stop it. 10- Find the positive reason that you are overweight. Heard of secondary gain issues? There might be, and probably is, a powerful positive reason that your inner mind wants you to be heavy. (yes, you can find out with the Zen of Thin) There is a $50 off coupon in the video. Listen carefully!
Need some serious help? Remember, it’s all in your mind. Ask yourself for three positive reasons that you need to be fat. Be brutally honest with yourself. Are you brave enough to write them down right now? Get this- The Truth Will Set You Free- and be more honest, starting now! It is half off right now.

If you don’t like the view from the rear, let me give you a kick. dance nude Do you want to LOVE to workout? Would you like to feel what it’s like to have a complusion to workout? I can hypnotize you to do that. Get this combo (like a one-two punch) of Love to Exercise and Workout Compulsion and Appetite Zapper. Between the two, your couch will be saying, "Hey, I miss you… man". Both of these CDs for one low price. 3 for 29 (includes the Appetite Zapper as well!) See it here

Digestion Issues? stomachMedical studies show the effects of hypnosis for IBS, digestion problems, and emotional stomach issues. Did you know that your intestines actually have a type of brain cell that senses emotions and reacts? That is why you often feel an upset stomach when you have fear or emotional turmoil. Get this and soothe the savage intestines. It really works. Happy Tummy.

Wow! Yes I did it. I made a Brain Massage Session that hypnotically swirls and twirls inside of your brain, and will weave the words into your willing brain (wendi style) to make you eat less, work out more, and love your veggies. Wake up smiling!
Remember, if you hate your body, it will not cooperate. Every night, send love to your body. Every morning, send love to your body. You will get leaner when your cells are smiling. I am not kidding about this. Stop hating yourself and your body will change in a million ways.
Peace on Earth. Peace in your body. Peace in your mind Wendi
Secret Coupon! Can you find it? Watch the video above- there is a coupon hidden in it! Find the "thing" that I put in my water, use that word as a coupon with your next order, get a secret bonus gift CD that is just for you! .
Free Shipping around the world with any order over $150! Woo hoo!

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