Moms, Worries, and Waves

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Mothers day
Mothers day
Worry Warts Unite
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 mothers day From


Mom's day time again. Give that woman some love this Sunday. When I was a kid, I insisted that we have a "kids day" and my mom gave me that familiar glare and explained that every day is kids day. I just don't remember getting cards and presents every day.

But I do remember how excited I felt when I gave my mother my homemade gift.

Flowers are nice, they wilt and die. But if you really want to do something that mom will enjoy every night as she falls asleep, invite her to float into a blissful moment to feel loved and peaceful and remembers how clever you are to get her such a unique gift. Free Gift for Moms today! Download my Karma of Kindness absolutely, completely no charge. Who qualifies for this excellent gift? If you are a mom, or have a mom, or know of a mom, you qualify! Get it here- Hit me with it, Wendi!


Worrying Yourself to Death?

It is true. Mom always told you to stop worrying. Or maybe you told her to stop worrying. Turns out- it really might kill you.

Read the article now

How do you stop it?

First and most important is to be aware of your worrying habit.

It can be a habit just like anything else that you do repeatedly.

Your brain grows an efficient pathway to the triggers and rewards for worry. You probably get some attention for it as well. As much as others dislike listening to you worrying, you are probably getting some attention for it, positive or negative.

When you are aware of it, you can stop it. When the worry thoughts creep in, ask your brain to create an automatic alert. This is best done in trance, by bringing up a worrisome thought and creating an image that is an alert. Something as simple as a big red stoplight could work.

Ask your brain to buzz you anytime a worry thought comes up.

Then stop it. Bring up a happy thought and create a phrase that says "all is well" and just breathe and be in the moment.

If you do this regularly you will stop the habitual worrying, and your brain will begin to let go and be in the moment. Remember, there are only TWO things to worry about. Pay attention.

Hold up two fingers now.

Point to one. You can worry about-

1- those thing you can change

Point to the other-

2- those things you can not change


In the case of #1, change it. Stop worrying.

In the case of #2, you cant change it, stop worrying. Go outside. Learn to surf or take up needlepoint.

Stop Worrying now- Get This CD. I swear to you, this package will end your struggle with worrying. Release the Past and Sweet Surrender. Save 30 bucks. Don't worry, be happy.

How He Makes Me Quiver

(This segment clearly has nothing to do with your mom)

Need a little quiver in your relationship? Watch the video and enjoy the lava and crashing waves of Hawaii. Our special time. Just you and Me.

I've got a quickie that I am sure you will enjoy.

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Enjoy your week. I am still enjoying the beauty of the islands. Wish you were here. :)


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