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seminar seminar Hot gift for you worth $49. It’s a love thing.

What makes you angry? Whether its a pet-peeve or a profound hatred, learn the techniques that will change you from a screamer to a smiler, forever. Watch video procrastination I’ll get angry if this VIDEO doesn’t make you a little less angry. Watch it now. Anger is sometimes a habitual response that is triggered by the littlest things. Being tired, stressed or overworked obviously contributes to the problem. Hormone imbalance and chemicals that cause depression are caused by stress… and wouldncha know… you can change the condition of the chemical state quite easily, and feel better. But in the long run, you want to change the way your brain is accessing the information that makes you mad.I just returned from London, and gave a 2 day seminar on addictions. One important point about our addictive nature is that we are all creatures of habit. Our brain loves to have patterns, predictable responses and and routines. Anger can be an addiction. You can get a habitual and irresistible urge to get mad as your first – and unconscious- reaction. Ready to change? Good thing! Habits are deeply embedded in your brain, but because I posses amazing powers I get to change the way your brain gets triggered. Open your mind, let me in. I promise you will enjoy it. Also, since about a 1000 of you reminded me, this week I finally (you can stop all that begging, but the part where you are on your knees was interesting) got the part 2 of the marketing video up on the site. Weeeehaaa! Hypnotists everywhere will find ideas galore as I reveal the super secret Wendi tips to making hypnotic CDs. Watch and learn. Love and peace, Wendi ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nifty ways to cool your temper I swear, this hypno stuff works amazingly well for anger control. Here are a few to start with. Positive Parenting- enjoy your kids, end the fighting, be a great parent. Chill Out- stop your anger, hypnosis sessions will make you the chill master. Sweet Surrender- you know I love this one, sweetest thing your brain has ever known. Peace Within- we all need more peace, especially in the great within. Release the Past- brilliant, if I do say so myself. I am a genius to come up with this. Karma of Kindness- You + Kindness + Karma = Love, love, love.
Nifty way to cool your jets

bliss 1.All Blissed out 2. Mad at Yourself? Time to get real. 3. Hate your life? Invent a new one. Seriously. Denial is under rated. Remember, get your $49 bonus tossed in lovingly, at no charge. See below!

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anger 1 Triggers little things can make us angry. Even more tricky are the subtle triggers that happen below our conscious awareness. You never know what is triggering your bad mood, or making you erupt in anger. This spiffy technique will stop the triggers that are anchored into the things around you. I know this will help, add it to your collection right now! Release Negative Anchors- it is true, this might be the most amazing hypnotic CD you ever listen to. It will change everything. Better than Valium.

anger 2 Losing it When you get angry you lose your power. You look ridiculous (trust me) and you give up your self control and don’t have the ability to think clearly. Nothing disables your opponent- in business, sports or at home- more than flipping out. Try this clever CD. Hypnotic fun! Anger Into Power A great one for ATHLETES who get mad and can’t get their cool back. Be cool. Let your opponent explode.

anger 3 Addicted to Anger? It is possible. You can be addicted to stress and when there is none, you blow your top. Painful but true. If you think you have an addiction to anger, this will be the pea in your pod. Addiction Freedom or Sweet Surrender or LOVE Cold Calling – yes I will actually hypnotize you to love making cold calls. Imagine how fun your business will be when you look at the phone and say "gimme sugar, baby". If the phone smiles back, we have a problem.

Procrastination makes you angry at yourself If you put things off and have a heapin helpin of overwhelming messes all around you, your anger will be directed at yourself. Of course you will still take it out on others, but it can be cured by just getting a little hypno miracle. seminar Watch the VIDEO now This might be the most amazing thing you ever do for your brain and your soul. Stop procrastination, clean up your house, feel good about who you are. Anger will subside. Do It Now An amazing program that will make you a fabulous and focused person. No kidding. You will clean up your life, yes indeed. Clutter Freedom Clean your mess! Yes, please right now, find out how important it is to clean up your messy house/car/office. Your soul needs this.
One Big Fat Deal 4 U I just want to thank you for all the wonderful loving emails that I get from all of you. And just in case you ever wondered… I Love you too. Just in case you are looking for the really big and wonderful deal, I will let you in on a little secret bonus deal. –>Order anything over 50 bucks –> Use the coupon FAV –> Get the "Love, Love, Love" pack tossed in, no charge. –> What’s in it? 6 of my favorite sessions on 2 CDs- An PRICELESS value for your mind and soul. Buy it here, or get it free with the coupon. –> FAV


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