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3 Big Fat Teleseminars!

End your emotional issues with money. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Pay attention. Details below.

No Secret here, just rock hard facts. Many of you know my story. There is a reason that I was able to climb out of my pit of despair to living a life of abundance. Making a great living didn’t come naturally, and frankly, it probably never would have happened if I didn’t power through my deepest issues about being worthy. Stop Sabotaging your success Find out  if  you deserve to be wealthy If you have ever wondered what is holding you back, this is your lucky day. Meet me on the phone or webcast. Three days in a row FinancialAbundance training. I want you to experience they Hypnotic reprogramming that will make your brain dance and sing! It is the same method I used to blow up my old beliefs and finally stop my struggles. I plan to blow your socks off with this 3 day teleseminar. Do really deserve to have success. If bad luck seems to follow you
Need Desks?My office in Eldorado Hills is big and full and has way too much stuff. We are clearing out the old, getting ready for the new. Your gain! If you are in my area (Sacramento, California) and need desks or office things, call us today.916 933 0700
It’s Like a Power Lunch- tell your boss to join you! Of all the topics of my telemseminars, the most requested are the financial abundance topics. So many people are struggling to make their businesses grow, find a new job, stop the self sabotage that goes hand in hand with being unworthy of success. Believe me, I know a lot about being poor and pitiful, and while it was a lot of emotional work to get to this point it is insanely better than staying in the pit of despair. In most cases, it takes just a look deep inside your soul to find out why you might be pushing away success. Come to my teleseminars this week. Please, do yourself a favor and start making it easier to get to your next level of success. Even now, as I look at my journey from being broke and desperate with no help, no advisors, investors or partners, I realize how uniquely I found the strategies that changed the course of events. Come to the teleseminars this week. You really will love what you learn. Tell a friend RIGHT NOW, won’t you please! Go here now, to get in on DAY 1! Attend my 3 Teleseminars. Wednesday- July 11- Hypnotically discover why you have a fear of success. Thursday- July 12- Do you deserve it? Friday- July 13- Do you believe (really believe) it will happen, or is it just wishful thinking? 11 am pacific time 2 pm eastern time Find your local time here
WendiRadio! LAST SHOW is this sunday- Yes, this sunday is the last show for a while. Tune in won’t  you! See you on the Teleseminar! Peace out,Wendi
Peace on Earth! Remember to get the 70% off good thingwendirockhawaii for your mind and soul right here! this thing– but only for 24 hours. Need a hot and fast download? How about gettin it done right here for only $7. See my secret stash of  downloads. I will leave em up for 24 hours. Need I say "get ‘em while their hot"? Nahhh… This one That one Best one
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