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When I say "Jump", you say "How High?"
Just the other day Tony was saying to me… "Wendi, you just have to do this 60 day challenge. It is brilliant"
seminarGo see Tony Robbins for yourself at the UPW event. Or meet me at Life Mastery in Newport Beach, or Date with Destiny! tony robbins 22 am, and he is still going strong. There is no question about the influence his work has had on my life, it all started 20 years ago. Thanks, Tony, you da best!
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Does your life Rock? No? Are you stuck in Auto Pilot, doing the same old things every minute of every predictable day? Is the rut your friend?
How bad is it?
Are you hanging out with so called "friends" who are negative, stuck in their habits, holding you back or keeping you firmly in your comfort zone?Do you ignore all the little things just trying to make it till you collapse on the couch?Do your thoughts keep you down, sad, small, hopeless, fearful, intimidated? If you said yes to one of these questions, get ready to ROCK!
How High? Really High.
seminar Listen carefully. I love you. Yes, you.I love your spirit, your cause, your true nature and your sheer determination to make life more interesting. How do I know you so well? If you are here, and you read my emails, you are a person who wants to feel a little something more. And I am prepared to kick your ass (can I say that?) into an exquisitely interesting place.1. You Join my 60 Day Challenge. 2. I send you a VIDEO challenge every morning. (Watch it anytime, when you are ready, it is not live) You pay attention to one small thing all day. It will be a behavior change, a new habit, an awareness, a spiritual stretch, or just about anything that I feel like feeding your hungry mind. 3. You pay attention during the day, and create a new way to think, a new way to see the world, or complete a task you have been avoiding. Every day. Don’t worry, it really doesn’t take any extra time. Just takes a little focus. 4. End of day- you decide if you like this new thought, behavior, feeling, or experience. If you like it you keep it! 5. Integration- Listen to the short (about 10-15 minutes) MP3 session, that will integrate this new behavior or thought just before you go to bed. Cool, huh? I agreeeeee. You watch the video online, and download the MP3 for listening. No shipping charges, no waiting. STARTS ON AUGUST 27th, Monday. You in? I don’t think you can resist. And after all, you have Tony Robbins to thank for this.
Join YOU ROCK today
seminarStarts on Monday, August 27th Join now, save $50 –>Get the Membership, to YOU ROCK. –>AND Order any ONE item in my collection. (go here to see it all) –>AND Use the coupon INTENSE for $50 off. Today, choose your FREE bonus with membership! Wow, can’t believe I am doing this.As your bonus, Choose either 1. Stage Hypnosis DVD with Stage Fright CD A $79 value. (shipped to you) OR 2. the Download of 16 pocket therapist sessions. A $99 value Go here to see the offer, and to get on board. Watch the video here as well, if you missed it.
READ THIS- IMPORTANT STUFF GOING ON HERE And get a big fat check from Reply to this email, tell me how many people you have on your list you will offer this to. OR email to me hereJust reply to this email. Tell me approximately how many people you can send to. You will recieve a coupon code that saves your friends 50 bucks, and earns you 50 bucks. It’s a beautiful world. WendiPS- You do NOT have to become an affilaite, there is NO paperwork or forms, no code to enter on complex websites… just love from a coupon in your name. We send you a link to a page for your friends and you remind them to enter your COUPON NAME in the checkout. And they will get the bonuses as well.
Get ready for Monday, Monday, MONDAY!!! You and me, love and laughter, 60 days of goodness.Peace on Earth Wendi
Save $50 And Get The Gift! Remember Order the 60 day challenge YOU ROCK Take $50 off with this coupon code =  INTENSE Choose your free gift today, value up to $99Give your friends a $50 discount, and earn a crapload of money while you are having too much fun.
YOU ROCK starts on Monday. Daily Video challenge that rocks. | 1101 Investment Blvd #100 | Eldorado Hills | CA | 95762

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