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I have some really big noisy news. And a great battle for a domain name. And the Mega Manifesting Event for an entire week. You asked for it, you got it. drumlogo
News From Wendi
What’s in my garage? The Addiction Project REVOLUTION seminar March 21-23 Wendi Challenges Paul McKenna- will he bend? You decide. Mega Manifesting Week- Fact or Wishful thinking? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
News! My garage, The Revolution seminar and:
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Paul McKenna Challenge
Mega Manifesting Week
Hello my friends! Today you just gotta come into my garage.What’s in my garage? Let’s open these boxes and see. Watch the video. It really is all about my boxes. You and me… in the garage… now! Video here wendigarage This is great news, because the Revolution is on! If you are ready to let go of addictions, fears, anger, limitation, self sabotage and start living… get ready for the Revolution! Jaime Kessel is our drum goddess (and she is a Blatant Enthusiasm Expert) and is responsible for this mess in my garage! March 21-23, 2008. Here in Newport Beach, Ca. Amazing offer for signing up now- you can even go home with a drum of your own. See all the enrollment options here Watch the REVOLUTION seminar video here Read more about THE ADDICTION PROJECT at
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wendiradio Do you have needs? Me too. My need is to help you with your need. Together we make it happen. Live, internet video and you can chat with me during our show. This week it is all about Manifesting. Real or Crap? Tune in Monday-Friday at noon Pacific Time. Find your local time here, join me from anywhere in the world. See archived shows- procrastination, wealth, seduction and more.
Paul Mckenna, listen up!
wendipaul Some of you already know about this… but if not, here’s the deal. I have a domain name called And it turns out that Paul McKenna wants me to give it to him. Well it is not really him so much as his lawyer. So now I have to spend lots o’ money on an attorney to keep a domain name that I bought and own. OR if I don’t want to spend big bucks in court, I can just give it up. It is not a brand or a trademark, it is a phrase. What do you think? I came up with a great solution. We just need Paul (my new best friend, I am sure) to watch this video and take the challenge. Will he go for it? You decide. (remember to rate it and leave comments while you are there) Watch the video
PS- Paul Mckenna is a UK stage hypnotist. He recently did a hypnosis session with Ellen Degeneres to help her stop smoking. I am sure he meant well. But, for all you hypnotherapists out there, and those wanting to stop smoking… a well trained hypnotherapist should never use chest pains as a negative anchor to avoid cigarettes. (which he did with Ellen) Maybe it was just bad editing. And maybe he used positive anchors for her after the show.END ADDICTION If you want to stop any habit or addiction, you have to be very careful about creating a negative physical condition as a deterent. If you are going to stop smoking or overcome any habit, make sure your hypnotherapist uses positive and healthy associations that will not result in any adverse reactions. Just as the brain is able to create massive positive change, it can also create massive physical ailments when triggers are set incorrectly.You can stop smoking by making your body have an OVERWHELMING CRAVING for Fresh Air, Tall Glasses of Clean Clear Water, Exercise, and Veggies! In my work with smokers, I link the thought of cigarettes to an instant and irresistible desire to eat carrots, celery, drink water and have an irresistible urge to take three deep breaths. And doing this during trance forces the brain to react by changing it’s associations to cigarettes. And in most cases the cravings are completely gone. Hard to believe, but true. Ready to give it up for good? Same thing for any addiction. If you can find enough powerful positive associations, and fire them up with all the senses involved, cement this as a future memory, then LINK the underlying trigger to the new behavior, you can create a new habit that over rides the addiction. If you have used my Alcohol Freedom Program you know what I mean. The success of this program is shocking… especially considering how quickly it works. You can read the testimonials here- Ready for more? Become part of The Addiction Project. Attend the next THERAPIST TRAINING. Bring THE ADDICTION PROJECT to your rehab center. Attend the next Revolution Weekend Training to end your addiction struggle. Here is the video from our recent Revolution weekend training. What fun! Watch it now.
Mega Manifesting Week
watch This week, starting Feb 25th, for 5 days… our power lunch seminar will be on Manifesting. Is it really so simple? If it is, why isn’t everyone rich and in love? Is there more to it? Is it a spiritual thing, or is it a result of hard work and action? You be the judge. Every day, join me on LIVE VIDEO as we explore manifesting. Powerful spiritual practice, a Secret, or a load of crap? You get to chat live during the shows, ask questions and get hypnotized repeatedly. What a wonderful way to blow an hour of your life. See you there… put this in your calendar. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
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