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This week is Fat Week. Hear Wendi’s review of McKenna’s show on TLC, find out why he is suing her, and get the REAL help you need to get your body and brain in great shape. Tune in this week, logo
What is on your plate? Make it lean, mean, and very green. Free Live Video seminars every day- Hypnosis for Weight loss Wendi’s Review of Paul Mckenna on TLC- Why am I hopping mad? Get lucky AND take $50 off today, March 17th. Use coupon SHAMROCK on any order over $99
Happy St. Pat’s day!  The only holiday that based soley on drinking. Let’s see how we can make something out of this. Green- Eat yer greens, feel better, lose weight. Lucky- Don’t just improve your luck, get hypno lucky. Drink up- If March 17th means you are doing some heavy drinking, you need me. MOST IMPORTANT- 5 days a week, the POWER LUNCH LIVE SHOW, with Wendi. I will do an entire week on hypnosis and weight loss. Cravings, the brain, feeling full, stopping the struggle of emotional eating, getting to love exercise and much more. Actual hypnosis during the WendiRadio shows (live video and chat) and a few laughs. Now, here’s the question. IF you really decide it is time to fight the fat, are you willing to participate (for free) in 5 seminars that could totally change how your brain feels about food? Why do people fail at weight loss? It is ALL in your mind. All of it. Every bit. Be here at NOON pacific time, 3 pm eastern time. Find your local time here- Watch WendiRadio, the archived shows, 24 full length TV shows! Persuasion training Spot a Liar training Outrageous marketing Miraculous Manifesting Passion, love and juicy goodness Hypnosis 101, how to do it.
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Drinking today?
Are you green around the gills from too much alcohol? Is your life in ruin because you can’t quit? Find out why this program will kick your brain into gear. End the struggle and feel as good as Pam, she says- I LOVE your hypnosis sessions, they are working for me, I just can’t believe it.  One minute I think about having a drink, and within 1/2 of a second, my mind is just totally somewhere else, the thought vanishes.  There is no desire to struggle with, it’s gone.  Thank you, again, Pam.” Read the rest of Pam’s story here- find out why 1000s of people made it EASY to stop drinking and get in control. No kidding. Easy. Fifty Bucks off today, use coupon SHAMROCK
Feeling Fat?
Find out what Wendi thinks about the Paul McKenna show right here, at And tune in every day this week for the Fight the Fat week, live daily shows! Get the ZEN OF THIN Today. Take 50 bucks off and 50 pounds! Here is why you need this-

“Hi Again Wendi I just wanted to let you know that firstly, I received your Weight Release CDs and have lost 8 pounds in the first week! I can’t thank you enough, and I look forward to the results the next few months should bring.” Aimee – New York City

“Howdee Wendi; Loved the weight loss one; lost 24 pounds so far in 6weeks; easy… Sue Vit”

“Wendi, I’m having like major success with this. At first I thought it was alot of money but is soooo worth it. I’ve lost 20 pounds now. I don’t want to eat junk food and I want to drink water all the time. I only wish I would have bought these about a year or so ago but I just was a skeptic about hypnosis.

I’ve wasted so much money on gimmicks that don’t work. I’m sure others feel the same way.  Connie”

Read more testimonials here Find out why the ZEN OF THIN is the most popular hypnosis weight loss program in the world. Save $50 today, use coupon SHAMROCK
Looking for your lucky Clover?
Can you really change your luck? Do some people just have bad luck or it is all in your attitude? Yea, I know… crap happens. But sometimes you can have a re-do, the anti crap mindset. Can I hypnotize you to be luckier? Try it out, can’t hurt. And wouldn’t you know, lucky you, it is half off today! Not only will you change your perspective, you will actually have some unexpected miracles. Big or small, you will be grateful for every day. Just go here and get it!
5 days a week, join me. Watch the video, live. Chat, ask questions. Get hypnotized to love to eat healthy, feel full and lose weight. Find out how I REALLY feel about the Paul McKenna show and why his lawyer is mad at me.
See you there, at noon pacific time. GO here to join in. Find your local time.
Feelin a little lucky myself. Lots of luck on the show today, will you be there? Wendi
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