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It is time for me to tell you what it is really about.logo
Yes, I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore… how about you? May 6, 2008
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Caught Red-Handed
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It makes me mad and sad… Watch the video. When I think about the extent of the abuse that the pharmaceutical companies are inflicting it gets me all fired up. In the video, hopefully you will be able to open your eyes to the fraud that is being heaped upon us. Oxycontin was claimed to be non-addictive with no withdrawal symptoms.  The pharma who made it was caught lying.  In fact it is so addictive that Walgreens no longer carries it in their pharmacy because of armed burglaries in broad daylight!  An opiate addict (oxycodone, oxycontin) will do anything to avoid them serious withdrawals that are painful and torturous. And Chantix to stop smoking? Give me a break. They are repackaging on old drug under a new name. It was dangerous a few years ago, and didn’t work for smoking. Now it is back, under a new name. Not only does it not work, it increases the risk of suicide and makes people seriously depressed. A friend of mine took it a few years ago for smoking and ended up with a gun in his hand. He didn’t follow through, and previously would never have reached such a low. The anti addiction field is huge and growing fast. We have a new generation of addicts coming out of our high schools that are using opiates more than all other drugs combined. I just heard about another doctor who was supplying people with quantities to sell on the street because it is such a lucrative business for the doctors as well as the dealers. 80% of the inmates in prison are there for drug related crimes and we have nowhere left to put offenders. And the offenders don’t get therapy or help. They get out and go right back. Our rehab centers are having a success rate of 5-10%, about the same as a person quitting on their own. I personally believe that our current addiction problem is nothing… compared to what we will see in the next 5 years. Sad? Mad? Furious? Where is the blame? My eyes have been opened to this tragedy because of my son’s struggle with Opiates. I have learned a lot and I want to at the very least help open your eyes to so you can think for yourself when deciding how to make your body healthier and stronger. Think about it. You want to quit smoking. You hear about Chantix because it is all over the TV and Radio. Sounds like a miracle drug. You take it, you feel bad. You get depressed. Now you desperately try to find things to make you feel happy. Nothing works, you pleasure centers in your brain are blocked. And chances are you are still smoking. (this approach is used for other addictions with the same results) Fascinating times we live in. Watch the video! Make smart decisions! The articles below will are worth a read.
Read these Articles, Learn the Truth Anti depressants don’t work, research was hidden from results: No better than placebo Shill for Pharma tells the truth Fed up, frustrated, angry, sad and ready to change? This really will change your life. Why? Find out… My Life – A 14 Day Solution for DepressionMy Life Program ~~~~~~~ Chantix and Champix, a repackaged drug now being used for stopping smoking has been advertised heavily recently. One risk is suicide. If I told you that you can stop smoking without cravings and feel really good, and I promised it will work, would you? Stop Smoking Now ~~~~~~~ “Super pills” intended to curb addiction by blocking brain’s pleasure centers.  Research indicates drugs may block too much pleasure, risking depression, suicide. Yup, it is miraculous. No matter how many times you have failed in the past, this time it will be different. Find out why 30,000 people own this program! Alcohol Freedom Hypnosis Program alcohol freedom pic ~~~~~~~ Addiction Freedom – Be in control release addictive behaviors Start with this, and find out how you can stop addictive patterns in your brain. ~~~~~~~~~ Time Line Clearing and Creation w/bonus – Clearing the Past, Creating the Future This program really is like re-wiring your brain. Use your powers for good, ok?
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