"I’m Getting Married Today"—

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Smoooch! Love is in the air. kissWendi.com
It is Love and Bleep week on WendiRadio.com
OK,  so I can’t type the “word” without triggering the spam filters. So, every time I say “bleep” you read it as the 3 letter word, starts with S and ends with X. Got it? hint–> It is the thing that two people do who love each other very much. Mostly done partly or fully naked and includes sounds that resemble an animal being slaughtered.
Live on Ustream.tv WendiTV is your Daily Power Lunch show. Open your mind. And this week, you might just open something else! It is Love and Bleep Week. All week. Adults only. SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN, HOT GIFT FOR YOU, GET IT NOW.
“I’m getting married today” —-
Is what many people in California are saying. (but not me) Today, at 5:01 pm you might be one of the 1000s of people who will share the bonds of marriage and make earth shakin love with your same gender partner. Yes, it will be a great and powerful day for many. It will creep out a lot of people. The evening news tonight in California will have numerous images of men kissing men and  girls kissing girls. (one of which will not creep out the hetero men in most cases) In honor of the goodness of love and bleep, this week is dedicated to the juiciest, heart poundingest, boot shakingest, mind blowingest topic- Bleep! 12:00 pm Pacific time 3:00 pm Eastern time Find your local time here, anywhere in the world. TUNE IT TODAY at http://www.wendiradio.com
Monday Love, soulmates and finding great love and bleep. Tuesday Remote Seduction, mental control to want bleep with you? Wednesday HypnoBleep, Secret tricks to have hypnotically great bleep. Thursday (drum roll) a full and deep discussion of how hypnosis can extend and expand the size of your thing. Can hypnosis really enlarge your _____? Find out. Today, a frank and honest discussion about _____ enlargement and  hypnosis. I am only doing this show because of the never ending requests. Let’s talk. Chat live during the show. Register with Ustream.tv to chat. See you today for our Power Lunch. Juicier than usual. I LOVE YOU
Wendi PS- my cat just walked in. Looks like she jumped off the dock for the first time. Turns out she can swim. I swear, she is just playin us like a fiddle here. She must have known I was writing a newsletter about all things sensual. Including a cat that is all wet. (You interpret that one for yourselves, pat yourself on the back for getting it) catwet
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