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Will you be my focus group and give your honest opinion about this?logo
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Be my Focus Group Twitter me, Plurk me Did you see my show today? Drug me, please Off to TT2 for 5 glorious days! Focus Group Your opinion is all I want. Look at these 7 postcard designs. Choose the 3 that you like the best. I bribe you with a gift of a download from me to you. Give me 2 minutes of which one grabs you and makes you feel like taking action or that makes sense to you if you were receiving it in the mail. I Give you one of my favorite downloads, as a gift. Be my focus group here. :) Graphic Designers read this If you want to be part of our next design project for postcards you can earn $100 if yours is voted in the top four. See the link at the bottom of the voting page. ~~~~~~~~~~ Twitter me, Plurk me Yea, I know. Another thing to do. Here is why I like this. I am finding things on twitter that are huge resources and assets for business. For instance, Craig Eubanks twittered dozens of marketing strategies directly from the seminar he was at, into twitter. Joe Vitale tells about fascinating books he is reading, or a must see video. Leo Laporte gives me riveting tech info that I can use now. And buckhollywood just makes me go “hmmmm” but also makes me applaude his unique and nutty style. You want to learn how to twitter? Find user WendiTV Be sure to get the TWHIRL widget, makes twitter better. ~~~~~~~~~ Plurk What can I say. More of the same, more fun, more interesting. I posted a pic of a strange man that stopped me on the street. I had to take a picture of him. He had the longest one I ever saw. Wanna see it? PLURK me. Find user Wendi ~~~~~~~~~~ TT2 I am off to the Train the Trainer 2, from Peak Potentials. I will be mostly out of the loop until next Monday. No SHOW the rest of this week. Watch TODAY’S Show, it rocked! I will give you the very special and amazing BULLETPROOF session that will make you feel unstoppable. Watch it now, won’t you! And if you are ever wondering why I show up to do these live shows with you every day, just remember that I love you. ~~~~~~~~~~ Still Smoking? I am now even more horrified at the side effects of the new drug for quitting smoking. Have you seen these side effects and the lastest news? Even though it is being advertised heavily and touted to be the new thing for stopping smoking it is not nearly as effective as hypnosis. And the risks are just so frightening. Are you ready to quit? You owe it to yourself to experience the end to cravings. But more than that, what kind of commitment are you creating when you are hoping a drug will “do it to you”? The real power in hypnosis for ending a smoking addiction is in the commitment. When you get this commitment as a belief, the new belief will make the changes in how your brain reacts to cigaretters. Look at this. Seriously, it sounds like smoking is safer than quitting.
Chantix side effects Chantix which has been linked to hundreds of reported cases of problems among them, heart troubles, vision loss, accidents, diabetes, mental confusion, loss of consciousness and psychiatric side effects. And the military reportedly bans the use of Chantix for missile and flight crews. One of the side effects is an inability to operate machinery. get the full story Chantix under fire Smoking cessation product was associated with more serious adverse event (SAE) reports than any other drug. read the full report Chantix could be associated with heart problems and other serious side effects. read it Drug taken to stop smoking is linked to traffic mishaps Daniel Williams hoped Chantix would help him quit smoking and become healthier. Instead, he believes, it nearly killed him. read what happened Chantix: The Kids Also Suffer I lashed out at my kids and constantly screamed at them for no reason.  My husband said, ‘Ever since you’ve been taking this drug your personality has changed.’  It made me have the worst nightmares, right out of a horror movie. don’t miss the rest of the story Pfizer Will Use Public Relations, Advertising To Save Chantix The reason for the criticism of Chantix is due to side effects it causes such as irregular heart function, seizures, etc. It has  been linked to over 100 accidents thus far. The FAA has even gone as far as to ban pilots and air traffic controllers from using it. read more Younger People Getting Cancer from Smoking As younger and younger people are taking up smoking, they are putting themselves at risk of getting cancer at 30 . read full article Don’t believe what the pharma companies are saying. Choose to use your brain and get the ultimate high! Trance states are amazing ways to stop addictions, habits and fears. Here’s the deal. If I could promise you that all your cravings for cigarettes could be gone, and that you could be massively committed to being a healthy non-smoker for life, and that you will NOT be cranky or angry, and that there would be no adverse side effects, would you do it? Would you believe me? Some people doubt that hypnosis works despite massive research and evidence. What do you choose to believe? Hypnotherapists, get the entire Stop Smoking Manual and CDs for your clients. Give classes and group and private sessions using this amazing method. And if you are ever wondering why I show up to do these live shows with you every day, just remember that I love you. Wendi
“It’s never too late to quit” Another good reason to quit smoking: A better chance of avoiding cancer of the asophagus. read full article Hypnosis deals with the subconscious thus making it far easier for you to quit cigarette smoking effectively. When you try to kick the habit yourself you have to deal with a lot of mental stress and physical side effects that can really throw you. get more details Smoking causes a sickly social life. read the article Quitting smoking is contagious. People have to be connected. access the entire article Want to quit smoking? Hypnotherapy can affect your mind-set and make it easier for you to make the changes you want to make in your life. You will be able to access the strength that is in your own mind. read more about it
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    I am interested in joining your….need you for my focus group…please contact me to let me no if I have been excepted…

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