The truth about my marriage

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Wedding? What? Today’s show has a lot of girth, Ross Jeffries on Friday
wendiface1The truth is in there Lots o’ mass in today’s WendiTV show What’s in Wendi’s box? I will open it for you today Ross Jeffries will be on my couch Friday
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Truth Is In There My dear beautiful friends- About that marriage thing- Thanks for all the congrats- but here is the horrible truth about my marriage. OK, I know it was a sneaky way to get you to read my last newsletter. The headline “I’m getting married today” (in quotes) was referring to what lots of people in California were saying on Monday because of a new law. And for those who read the entire thing, you got it. And many of you sent your congrats on my marriage. However, I did not get married. Hope you didn’t send gifts. :)
(next time read it all) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today’s WendiTV show is BIG redchair Here’s the deal. So many of you have asked, begged and pleaded with me to talk about just one subject. It is the one that reaches into our deepest places of curiosity. And this subject also raises skepticism and makes some people shake their heads and say “Wendi, Wendi, Wendi”. I can’t say what the subject is exactly, because of those pesky spam filters. But I can tell you that about 50% of the population are deeply curious about whether it is really important. The other 50% will take a poll during my show today to find out if size really matters. (you are getting my drift now?) It is hard to discuss. It makes us squirm and look away. It brings up giggles and smiles. And I have been warned repeatedly that talking about this will ruin my reputation. (I still have one of those?) :) Here’s the deal, my faithful followers. Today, live on the show, I will unzip this subject. I will pull out the meat of the subject. I will probe your mind for truth. I will again and again go deeper into the subject to find out how you really feel. Prizes! I will give away 3 packages (the full, large ones) of my Men’s Se**ual Health CD program. It used to be called something else, a much more obvious name. Why was I forced to rename it? Find out today. It is BLEEP week at WendiTV on and today will be a doozy. Join me for this show live. Let’s expose the subject of size and settle this. (watch archives of the hypno-s*x shows here) Getting big with hypnosis- Is it wrong? Does it work? Will the men finally reveal how they feel about it? Will the girls give us their honest feelings? Come and join me on the Red Chair. Today at 12 Noon Pacific. 3 pm Eastern. Find your local time here- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ross Jeffries- got him where I want him Special Friday show! ROSS JEFFRIES, live in the studio on Friday. Love him, hate him? Men worship his teachings. Girls have strong opinions about his covert seduction. Why am I having him on? What did I learn about him when I had a long dinner with him recently? He will take your questions live. And I will put him on the hot seat. What do you want to know? Send your questions to me about these two subjects. Today’s show, Thursday- Size- what is your question on this. Friday’s show, with Ross Jeffries- the founder of What do you really want to know from him? paulross
As most of you know, my BOX SET specials are the MOST popular thing I offer. I have not offered this for over a year. The last ones went fast. This time I am only offering 3 topics because I don’t want to overwhelm our new fulfillment company. This time I included the Living Large box set. So, here’s the deal. I had my fulfillment company make as many of these sets as they have for complete box sets. The first people to order will get them. When they are gone- they are gone. Please don’t email me to complain if you opened the email too late.
Confidence Box Pack $158.00 value ALL YOURS ONLY $69 ONLY 42 of these LIVING LARGE box set $379 value For men only$149 Only 28 of these Juicy, s*xy box! $226 value For the very adventurous $79 Only 19 of these Box deals are only good for a day, they go fast. No prior adjustments for previous purchase. No whining No crying No begging No pleading And remember- I love you. Wendi
Remember, you can always watch the archive shows. Over 50 great topics at site And the newest ones at my site
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