Meditation and AIDS and hypnosis?

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A UCLA study shows that mindful meditation is affecting the immune system response with AIDS in a very favorable way. This would seem to be a direction to pursue in finding out how to make the body do the self healing that it is already capable of. If mindful meditation can have this immediate and measurable effect on the immune system and it’s affect on AIDS, then hypnosis may possibly have an even more profound effect. There is a man who claims to have cured himself of AIDS with hypnosis, NLP and nutrition. He has proof and it is a result of using what the body and brain already has. No side effects. But since the big pharma can’t patent it and charge money it won’t get the attention it should. I mean really, this is from UCLA!! And the only mention I found in a press release was from the HINDU TIMES! It took a lot of searching to find the UCLA source. Why wouldn’t our news report something so significant? Don’t answer that. Here is the study from UCLA. Today, I will record my new Hypnosis Body Mastery program. This is just too good to not have it ready immediately. Right now it will say out of stock, depending on when you are reading this. I will offer it as a pre-order item later today, after I get it put on disc. And this might also bring up the subject of can I cure cancer, as someone mentioned. My explanation of hypnosis for cancer is right here on this blog. Open your eyes and don’t always believe everything you hear or see on tv. Watch the video on using hypnosis for healing right here. Part 1 gives you the basic start. [youtube=] More videos at my youtube channel. Subscribe, won’t you? Wendi
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