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This will NEVER happen again. Why? The 8 is upon us, you win… headphonesWendi.com
~Your brain knows what you think, before you do. Scroll down for the research that will blow your mind. ~~~~~~~ ~8.88 big deal today! If you are into numbers this will boggle your brain. ~~~~~~~ 8-8-08 is your lucky day! If your order happens on 8/08/2008 at exactly 8 minutes after EACH hour, Pacific time ~~~ you WIN BIG! See prizes below! headphones2 Get any 8 (or more) of these Pay only $8.88 each! —>Add this Stage Hypnosis DVD for only 8 Cents!
DVD – Stage Hypnosis
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Stage Hypnosis Shows 2 Hours
Choose any 8 or more. Yes, you have to order 8 items, minimum. Only $8.88 each (no coupons allowed, I will remove them if you try it. Don’t try it, k?)
Anger Into Power
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Addiction Freedom Our Price: $29.90
DVD – Advanced Techniques of Hypnosis
Our Price: $49.90 Boardroom of Your Life Our Price: $29.90 Brain Massage- Manifest Everything CD1 Our Price: $19.90
Brain Massage- Get thin while you sleep
Our Price: $29.00
Fearless Cold Calling Our Price: $29.90
Deep Thinker
Our Price: $29.90
DVD – Advanced Techniques of Hypnosis
Our Price: $49.90
DVD – EFT DVD and Chart
List Price: $39.90 Our Price: $39.90
Fun and Fabulous! List Price: $39.90 Our Price: $29.90 Happy Tummy Our Price: $29.90
Inductions ala Wendi Our Price: $29.90
Release Negative Anchors
Our Price: $29.90
Singing for Health Our Price: $29.90 Wide Awake! Our Price: $39.00 Problem Solver Our Price: $29.90 Peace Within Our Price: $29.90 Secret Fantasy Our Price: $29.90 Appetite Zapper and Love to Exercise on one CD Our Price: $29.90 Bring Back the Passion Our Price: $29.90 Who Am I? Our Price: $49.90 WIN BIG! Cool PRIZE for EVERY order that is TIME STAMPED at exactly 8 minutes after the hour!! Like – 4:08 pm, 5:08 pm, etc. You win a $50 gift certificate toward your next purchase! Sale and contest ends at midnight tonight PACIFIC TIME, 08/08/08 There’s more! ALL orders that are stamped at 8 minutes after every hour will be put in a hat. My hat. And the one I choose, based on your order comments, will win $100 in cash! Wooo hoo! Put some tasty, juicy, funny, or interesting comments in your order and you could find a fat ONE HUNDRED DOLLAHS…. baby. drum Just one winner for the Hundred bucks!
~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ Your Brain Makes Decisions- faster than you think!Watch the video, let me explain.Watch video now. Research shows that our brain actually makes a decision before we know consciously what decision we are going to make. Why am I so gosh darn excited about this? Because it explains the effect that my hypnosis process has on getting habits, addictions, and new behaviors in place with no struggle. COOOLEST thing ever. Well, almost. There might be cooler. Also watch Hypnosis Party Tricks #4 here, NEW
THE SHOW! WendiTV live~~ Noon Pacific, 3 pm eastern. Remember to watch the show on Monday through Thursday.Fun for all.www.WendiRadio.com or www.Stickam.com/wendifriesen Hypnosis in every show. And a few laughs. Watch the archives any time you are BORED and want to get things fired up. You will feel different afterwards. Not saying how different, just different. http://www.stickam.com/wendifriesen 58 show archived here. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/wenditv 14 shows archived here, including the Wealth Dynamics with Bruce Muzik.
wendikissOH, yea one more thing. When My TWITTER followers get to 1000 I will give all 1000 a really cool gift. We did it at 300, now let’s get another big give away for all who are twitter friends when it hits 1000. www.twitter.com/wenditv
LOVE YOU MORE!! wendisig
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  1. geodine says:

    I try to open the video of picture ISAW AND i CAN’T????

  2. HEMANT MISHRA says:

    mother is god

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