Is John Edwards Lying, baby his?

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How to Spot a Liar! Wow, I have to say THANK YOU to John Edwards for assisting with my How to Spot a Liar training. He is the POSTER CHILD for the classic ‘leakage’ signs in lying. There are many body langauge, voice cues, eye accessing cues and blink rate issues in this interview. For purposes of making YOU an expert at spotting a liar, study this man. He displays the classic indications of lie detection. Watch the video, below are the tells. You can learn more and see the training video so you can learn how to spot a liar. [youtube=] :18 I have to be the man. EYES FULLY CLOSED. (this was a lie to him internally because he is not being a man, he is ashamed) :53 I would be happy to participate in a paternity test HEAD SHAKES BACK AND FORTH and EYES CLOSE. (his head continues to shake “no” for several seconds. Wow) :57 I know it is not possible…  BLINK RATE INCREASES, notice on “not possible” how fast he blinks. This indicates it is a total lie. 1:04 Happy to take a paternity test… EYES CLOSED. Notice the moment the eyes close. Another classic sign of a lie on an exact word or phrase. 1:22 Sure. EYES DOWN. Eyes going down indicates deep shame, guilt. 1:46 Trying to keep, uh, this mistake… PAUSES IN VOICE BETWEEN EACH WORD. These pauses happen during lies because the brain is shorting out when looking for and choosing the words to use. Remember, the truth comes out smoothly. And then he touches his face. And you will love this next part, look at all the pauses between words and face touching as his mind develops his story. 1:47 Callibration- Notice this- in calibrating for truth or lies, a true statement has distinct qualities. When he says “I had been in Los Angeles to do an event with the mayor” he is clear, smooth, and telling the truth. This is an excellent calibration statement. 1:58 Touch face. Then the next 10 seconds is full of lies. 2:46 I didn’t talk to him about paying any money or anything like that. LOOK AT HIS FACE GET TOTALLY SCREWY. When the brain is in it’s biggest moment of conflict, there is the most leakage. In this case the leakage is in the muscles of his face and head. 3:06 Because she deserved to know. LOOKING DOWN LEFT OR RIGTH, EMOTIONAL CONFLICT, MEANING THAT HE DOESN’T AGREE WITH WHAT HE IS SAYING AND FEELING. 3:34 I can’t make any sense of it. REALLY JOHN? SERIOUSLY? 4:12 Answers question- you don’t remember holding the child of Ms. Hunter? Instead of answering the question, he says “I’m saying you asked me about this photograph, I dont know anything about that photograph… I was not at this meeting holding a child for a photograph to be taken.” BIG PROBLEM DURING THIS ENTIRE STATEMENT WITH WILD HEAD MOVEMENTS AND RAPID BLINKING ON KEY WORDS 4:59 I’ve never paid a dime of money… LOTS OF CONFLICT AND HIS EYEBROWS GO UP DURING MANY OF HIS LIES WHEN HE IS TRYING TO HOLD EYES OPEN. This is an attempt to keep eye contact to appear as if you are telling the truth. 7:31 Answers question with question “Do I think it was possible he was trying to protect you?” Edwards then answers with a question “Do I think it is possible he is trying to help me?” ANSWERING WITH A QUESTION INDICATES A LIE IS COMING NEXT. 10:19 I think our marriage will survive. EYES TOTALLY CLOSED DURING ENTIRE SENTENCE. For Media Interviews with Wendi Friesen, or to hire me to analyze body langauge contact me at my office. Be sure to tell my staff this is for a media interview and let them know if it is urgent. 949 673 6463
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19 Responses to “Is John Edwards Lying, baby his?”
  1. miz cleo says:

    Actually, choosing a politician for lie detecting is like fishing in a hatchery. Too easy. They all lie. You can’t get into higher politics unless you are a wealthy liar. I don’t care what party affiliation they are, they ALL LIE. The real work begins in discerning the truth from the lie, which is what Miss Friesen is attempting to do here.

    I’d love to see her evaluate McCain, both Bush’s, Rice, Cheney, Gore, Feinstein, Pelosi, Boxer, and all the rest of them on particulars like the SPP or why gas companies are making record profits, and who owns gas stock.

    As to Lacy’s comment “Their lies and their damaging effects top any lies related to sexual shenanigans from Bill Clinton or John Edwards…which really aren’t the nation’s business anyway.” I strongly disagree.

    How a person deports themselves in private definitely affects and reflects their personal beliefs in public. If you think screwing around on your spouse is ok, then lying about it must be too, because they lie to cover their guilt.

    If your own wife can’t believe what you say, how much less can the people who vote you into office trust that you? It illustrates that cheating politicians have no loyalty to anyone but themselves. Their moral character is corrupt, and this is an indicator of poor decision making, at home and at work. It indicates someone with extremely poor leadership qualities. In the position of national leadership, this is particularly dangerous.

    Espcially in the workplace, an affair would be distracting. This isn’t a grocery stand, these people are national leaders with all the responsibilities of national security, weapons secrets and their finger on nuclear weapon buttons.

    Everyone knows the neighborhood dirtbag who couldn’t tell the truth to save his life. They get into politics too, it comes naturally to them. I’m by no means saying they are all dirtbags, but I believe there is an unusually high number of them in politics, unfortunately. Check sometime on how many lawyers are in politics.

    Yes, by all means, let’s not censure them on how they conduct their private lives, let’s let them slide on the truth.

  2. Lacy says:

    I saw this interview on television and had the distinct “impression” that Edwards was less than truthful, but couldn’t pinpoint why I felt that way. In fact, I’ve always been faintly unsettled by Edwards every time I’ve seen him in the media…but couldn’t tell you why. Thank you, Wendi, you’ve confirmed what I’d sensed and why I was having these negative reactions to him as a politician.

    However, I agree that evaluating McCain would be relevant…and just to round out our education… Bush and Cheney. With the latter two, we now know how many lies were told…but it would be interesting to go back and see how those lies hoodwinked a nation. Their lies and their damaging effects top any lies related to sexual shenanigans from Bill Clinton or John Edwards…which really aren’t the nation’s business anyway.

  3. David Pease says:

    When will you do a similar video of John McCain – the biggest liar yet, only one bigger than George Bush.

  4. Mr. Edwards´s general level of emotional arousal requires consideration as a basis for an NLP evaluation. His overall demeanor suggests shame, which suggests a noticable level of residual guilt. Some of the NLP-defined characteristics that he demonstrates during the interview require further consideration due to the basically hostile nature of the interview, and the quasi-hostile stance of the interviewer. These factors considered, whether he is attempting to shield himself from the guilty feeling, or genuinely confabulating, or some of both, comes into question. Regarding his marriage, while he hopes that it will continue, he lacks internal confidence, an artifact of his residual duilt. I find it remarkable that he even consented to the interview. I would like to do a few hypnotherapy sessions with him. Peace, Folks !

  5. Chellesie says:

    Very unfair Wendi, you’re not telling the whole story! I’ve been a fan of yours, and own many of your cds. But I’m disappointed with how you are misusing your talents here, on two counts.

    First, in noting these “classic ‘leakage’ signs” you speak as though these are clear-cut and unequivocal signs, which they are not. I’ve trained people on speaking in public since the 80′s, and many times people will shake their head ‘no’ when they are not lying. They are saying ‘no’ subconsciously to something, in their minds, which could be a lie, or it could be a corresponding negative thought. Watch people and you’ll see it happen. A good example is when people mention regrets, like “I always wanted to go there,” they often shake their ‘no.’ Does this mean they are lying? Or that they are thinking “no, I’ll never get that chance again.” If this means lying, what does that say about your videos, like the one on the right here? You shake you head ‘no’ at a few critical times, blink on some key words, mumble another.

    Second, why only analyze Democrats? Regardless of what you feel about Republicans, it’s only fair to analyze them as well.

    You teach love and acceptance in so many of your sessions, but this one preaches distrust and hatred. If this is ‘body language that reveals an internal conflict” what does that say about a man who is saying, ‘I love you’ for the first time? That he is lying? Or just conflicted about saying it out loud?
    You are a trusted resource for so many, be mindful which path you’re leading them down!

  6. Bob Collier says:

    Totally fascinating and very informative. But I have no idea who this guy is (maybe because I live in Australia). I thought it was going to be the other guy. The ‘Crossing Over’ John Edwards.

    Maybe one day?

    At least I know who Martin Bashir is.

    At 09:56 – Interviewer: “Did you ever think this would end this way?”
    John Edwards: “I don’t think these things ended. Nothing is (something).”
    Interviewer: “Your political career.”
    John Edwards: “I don’t think … I see no end. I don’t think anything has ended.”

    As he says “I see no end”, he lifts all but the heel of his left foot (the part of his body closest to the interviewer) from the floor. On “I don’t think anything has ended”, he puts it down again.

    Does that have any significance, do you think?

  7. Shaune says:

    Wendy, It is interesting that you are a republican and love to try to smear only the democrats. Lets see some Bush lies and some McCain lies.You know their are plenty , to numerous to count! I know they are not just caught with there pants down either.
    How about lying to get us in a war for profit, lying about the economy and how it is doing better (NOT!),lying so many times that it is though they believe their own lies! That is George Bush, Cheany, and there whole administration! Even lying about murdering our service people and innocent Araci people. It has been proven even innocent children lie It is a human condition but it is what one lies about that is really important and not just to save face and personal humiliation. I am talking about sex with children, murder, stealing billions upon billions of dollars from the American people, about weapons of mass destruction, helping the Katrina victims and the list goes on and on for this administration and other REPUBLICAN politicians. Give me a break Wendy!And this is just the tip of the iceberg! Yeah! lets see flip=flopper McCain’s lies now dissected videos on your web site!!! Reagen, Bush senior( hid an affair the whole time he was president and before, It was common knowledge on the hill! Why does this not come out in the mass media as big as the Edwards or Clinton affairs? Because it is all owned by the republican machine. They the hypocrites and you I guess, that only want to try to smear the democrats. Wendy, be fair don’t lie by omission! Come on!

  8. Paul says:

    Now we get the liberals attempting to divert the attention from the “Liberal Pathological Liar Edwards” to McCain and even calling Ronld Reagan a criminal, greatest liar….. blah blah blah.

    Why is it when liberals get caught with their pants down they immediately change the subject to others they hate. Most liberals are just like Edwards, they can’t accept the truth about their candidate without equivicating with accusations of the other political side they despise of doing the same.

    Your analysis was right on about Edwards! Thank you!!!

    I do believe liberalism is a mental disorder. Get some help!


  9. Christopher says:

    “Supermarket tabloids”… how true. Sad to see that more and more people jump on that wagon. Especially if it is people whose work you admired beforehand.

    Wendi, the world would be sad place if everything would be as black and white. Thanks heaven there’s so much more to it.


  10. Steve Jump says:


    Remember when they [Ann Coulter, et al.] were saying Edwards was gay?

    I guess he showed them.

  11. tony says:

    Why don’t you analyze real criminals like Ronald Reagan, the greatest liar and subliminal speaking con artist of the last century. Also…can’t you just wait till we’re all allowed to see the bedroom videos each time a politician gets caught screwing someone. Closet voyeurism mixed with schadenfreude disguised as “science”…brilliant marketing guys!!!

  12. Truthseeker says:

    You’ve now analyzed Edwards and apparently also Bill Clinton. How about an analysis of John McCain? There is a wealth of material there! Such as when asked about the discrepancy in insurance coverage for Viagra vs. birth control pills, he wasn’t able to say anything for the longest 10 seconds, then just stammered, looking extremely uncomfortable. Or when he asserted he had supported minorities all of his political life and a reporter asked him to specify one instance, he could not answer! Now those are real lies! The list goes on and on.

  13. Carol Adler says:

    Dear Wendi,

    I have admired your work and your website ever since I discovered it; in addition to being a professional writer and publisher, I am also a certified hypnotherapist and an officer of the Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis.

    I love and fully support the capabilities of hypnosis and “mind power” work because they teach us how to “change our thoughts and feelings in order to change our life.” They teach us how to re-connect with the Self at the soul level: to see the good in others, to focus on the good, to accept people where they are at the moment, to forgive them (and ourselves) for lessons that may have led them off their path of destiny, and to be thankful for the lessons learned. This is similar to and incorporates Dr. Len’s shamanic healing work.

    To date, there is no classified ad that I know of where an employer is looking for flawfinders. I don’t know of anyone who wishes to BE a professional flawfinder unless they are dealing with their own flawfinding issues…since the finger always points back to the self.

    “Tragedy and Scandal” are marketing terms used by pulp newspapers and other venders who try to stand taller in the eyes of others by cutting others down or by standing on another’s shoulders. They do this in order to appear more competent in the eyes of others.

    Thank you for this illuminating disclosure of yourself. It gives me another powerful opportunity for self-examination.

    Sincerely yours,
    Carol Adler, CEO & President
    Dandelion Enterprises, Inc & Dandelion Books, LLC,
    Statutory Agent. Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis

  14. laneylue says:

    OMG WENDI……….WOW!!! You are so “spot on”!!

  15. susan says:

    How stupid does John edwards think we are?
    1. He had the affair and is again lying about the timetable
    2. He has paid the mother well for the kid and the no paternity test stance. (after all, she knows it is his!!)
    3. He has paid Andrew Young a formerly unknown name worker of his to take the fall. (His wife must like money more than she cares if 1/4 of the world thinks her husband is a cheater and baby daddy to teh Edwards lookalike baby.)
    4. And to think I was stupid enough to trust Edwards as a family man who could handle being handsome. Whew!!!

  16. seekerchic says:

    KUDOS to WENDI!! Thorough and most probably accurate analysis!!!

    Isn’t it true that even some honest people unfortunately have some of these traits while under extreme pressure?? ALSO pathological liars can even pass a lie detector test while lying?

    A CD or personal course with you could help immensely in many ways!! I’m one of your FANS and truly respect and admire your work!! This is one of your most practically helpful videos!!! ALL are FABULOUS!!!


  17. Hey Zen Doc, I did a Bill Clinton analysis, it is on my video at and he is a tough one! He is well trained, I heard Tony Robbins taught him how to not “leak”. Wendi

  18. ZenDoc says:

    Right on, Wendi! You go, Girl! As an NLP expert myself, you are extremely good with your analysis on truth telling vs. the usual political double talk. I can’t believe he convinced one of his staffers and the woman that they had to have sex, so there would be someone else to blame. Of course, that is rampant speculation, but it would be consistent with the lies told during this interview. Ooh, Wendi, will you do MORE of these. You should do Tricky Dick Nixon just for fun. Bill Clinton, however, was much more convincing and believable than John Edwards w/o any major or obvious giveaways. He was clearly a much better liar than John Edwards, and therefore a much better politician!
    But you could analyze Bill’s “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” speech to check for the subtleties. I seem to recall him using an anchor during the speech – probably one for veracity or believability. Please keep up your great and profoundly helpful work. I would love to see more analysis like this. Thank you, David M. Brown, MD aka “ZenDoc”


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