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(Enter as many times as you like, the more ideas the better!)

Wow, it is almost ready. I just recorded the new and improved, hand grown, heart felt, and faster acting…

BODY MASTERY hypnosis program.

This program has helped 1000s of people around the world to create miraculous healing and sometimes to just knock out a cold. It uses some specific processes to create balanced immune function, rapid healing, emotional conflicts of health issues, secondary gain issues, brain blueprint for youth and much more. But the original version was made years ago. I have evolved, and this program has to evolve as well. Personally, I think it is amazing.

I need a new name for it. Use the comment section below to regsiter your creative ideas for names. The winner get the program for free! It is a $199 value.

Get busy, brainstorm it up! Wendi
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12 Responses to “Name it and get it free”
  1. Viridian says:

    I Love My Body
    Body Love and Light
    Body Wisdom
    Body Alliance
    Body Stewardship
    Body Allegiance
    Body Listening

  2. stephanie says:

    Spring Release
    Wendy Wisdom 101
    Win UR Health
    Heaven Can Wait..
    Health, Healing, Holistic

  3. SherwoodTX says:

    Some more suggestions:

    Body by Design
    Bodywise, Mindwise, Healthwise!
    The Hologram of the Being
    The Bodymind integral unit
    Bodymind Wellness
    The body system (or The body systems)
    Body-Mind Systems
    Way of being

  4. Peter says:

    “Dynamic Body Mastery” sounds good to me.

  5. Hypnochick says:

    Here are some from my brainstorm….
    Mind/Body/Spirit Metamorphosis
    Body Metamorphosis
    Mind/Body Shapeshift
    Shapeshift Your Health
    Hypno Shapeshift
    Your Mind, Your Body
    Enhanced Body Mastery

  6. ShelleyB says:

    Body Mastery Toolbox-Fix your body with hypnosis! Your brain really does know best! A hypnotic solution to promote balanced immune function and rapid healing while exploring and resolving emotional conflicts.

  7. seekerchic says:

    Rather say KICK ASS PROGRAM, ha ha!!

  8. seekerchic says:

    How about AGRESSIVE MIND CHANGER – KICK your MIND into POSITIVE ACTION – MIRACULOUS RESULTS!!! CHANGE your MIND – CHANGE your BODY!!! The body responds IMMEDIATELY to the mind – This has been scientifically proven – This program has been designed to effectively allow the mind to immediately RE-PROGRAM the body for positive results!! START NOW!! Let me help you KICK YOUR MIND into POSITIVE ACTION!!

  9. Maggie says:

    This is awesome Wendi. Ok, My vote…”Inside and Out! Healthy Body, Healthy Mind”.

  10. Joshua says:

    How about Faster Body Master, or Lean and Mean: Your Body on Hypnosis, or Hypnocise with Wendi! or Extreme Body Mastery, or The New Body Program, or Hypnosculpting, or Holistic Body Hypnosis, or Entrancing Bodies (a little double entendre never hurts ;) ), or A Healthier You: Body Mastery, or Rejuvenate! or Rejuvenate: mastering your body with hypnosis, or Upgrade Your Body … Hypnotically.

    That’s all I’m submitting for now. Gotta get back to packing and cleaning up.


  11. netkickstart says:

    Congrats, Wendi. Here’s one for you. May come back with more, if that’s alright, but I’ve been doing a brainstorm of one here, and I kinda like it: “Triple Shot Of Hypnosis: Master Your Mind, Body, and Soul.”

  12. Yvonne Lyon says:

    Hi Wendi – love your site and listening to your work, now that the hypnotic schmoozing is out of the way – I’m suggesting simple, clear and to the point for a name:

    The FASTER BODY MASTERY V2.0 Hypnosis Program

    That’s my input :)


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