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A woman chose the day to end her life. May 4th. She had everything ready to make this day, her birthday, her last day. She chose to Leave her 4 children and family because life was just too hard. In part, she said…   “I was alone with 4 kids and completely lost except for my humor which at times was hard pressed to find.  4 months ago, in April, I had had enough.  I planned my exit and decided that the world and I just couldn’t get along anymore.  I was in hibernation not only staying in my house but in my room for days on end.  I was so heavily medicated I could have put a horse down with the pills I was popping.  I thought of my kids and despite thinking I was the most hopeless and undesirable woman in the world, decided to look one more time to finding some help but if I found nothing by May 4th, my birthday the next day would be my departure date.” Just before that date, she found my website and came to my live shows on Stickam. Her life started to change and she found new friends in the show chat room and was inspired to live. She wrote me this poem today. I want to share it with you. I love you girl! Wendi A poem for Wendi…. There was a time within my past I hoped each moment was my last. I lay in bed and scream and cry I wished that I would simply die. My life seemed like it had no hope, I couldn’t laugh, I couldn’t cope. I thought the world a better place without me as it’s huge disgrace. But life for me began to change I found some hope, it seemed so strange. I let her get inside my mind all my tensions would unwind. I learned the good within myself I found my hope, I found my health. I worked in trance to ease my fears frowns were more tears. Instead of feeling down and stressed, I now felt happy and so blessed. My time on earth is here to stay I found hypnosis was my way. It brings each day amazing gifts and when I’m down, my spirits lift. So ask me how I found my reason? Hypnosis ala Wendi Friesen. Blessings Wendi….true blessings.
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6 Responses to “The poem”
  1. Bonju Patten says:

    Hey Wendi – Bonju here – We were there too when you met Maggie – we befriended her as well – sometimes you just got to put it out there before you walk a yard in someone else’s shoes.

    Myqui and I have been homeless (on separate occasions) and we have had our share of stressful times and are now going through a lot of stuff together. And, then, we also have, you, Wendi. to rock our world and to help us remember that there are others who need our help like we need you.

    We are not so different – Maggie, Myqui, Bonju or Wendi – all stong women fighting for a place on this crowded earth – trying to help others find their way – pay it forward -

    We love you – Wendi, Maggie and the whole afternoon crew on Wendi Radio Show -

    Blessed be,
    love always
    Bonju & Myqui Patten

    and – Rock on Wendi – we love your song!

  2. abbey7 says:

    I was there that first day the person who wrote the poem called in – I believe it was my first day listening also. I was so touched by the love and compassion you showed her – someone you didn’t even know. I believe you told her you would send some cd’s to help her – free of charge. I was blown away by your generosity, and have come to find out that was just the tip of the iceberg with you. Wendi, you ROCK!!! We all love you, and thank you for all you do.


  3. seekerchic says:

    Very touching poem!!! You bring happiness and hope to more people than you will ever know! WE ALL LOVE YOU, WENDI!!!

    Please continue to dazzle and amaze me!!


  4. Great job Wendi…makes all this stuff worth it. Enjoy watching your shows just been too busy lately. Hope to see you again soon.

    Owen O’Malley
    “The Video Storyteller”


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