Who Else believes that we are all sheep?

August 4, 2008 by  
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I landed on yet another opt-in page with the same heading. HELP! Enough already. Where (when, why, how) did some decide that this was the best, and only phrase that would get people’s attention, trick them into thinking “oh me, that’s who else” and get them to take action. We know that people need social proof. Is social proof really achieved by starting your page with- “Who Else Wants To…” and then using words like these- “Understand” “The Secrets” ….. ? Is this making everyone pay attention and take action? Does our brain say “Oh yea, another page that starts with this in BOLD RED letters!” and then feel it is personal? Does anything on this page create rapport, connection, curiosity… or does it have a different effect now that it is all overused? Time for some creative thinking? What 3 things are most important in capturing attention on a landing/opt-in page? Wendi
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2 Responses to “Who Else believes that we are all sheep?”
  1. Jim says:

    I agree, it is overused and trite in the IM Biz market where we see it everyday, but maybe it still works in other markets.

    “Does anyone else” want to run like hell when a Pit Bull…

    Rapport? Connection? Curiosity? to me Curiosity drives the opt in page. Plenty of time for the other two next in the thank you page.


  2. MJ Schrader says:

    The phrases are overused and impersonal. It’s like the infomercial version of saying “But wait…” “today and today only”

    “Who else wants to” actually turns off my desire to read any further. I am much more inclined to read “Do you have problems with…”

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