Palin Pregnancy and what to do when your water broke?

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SPOT A LIAR alert! More scandal surrounds Sarah Palin. She announced she was pregnant when she was already 7  months along! That was in March. (NOTE: I am not making a political statement in support of, or against a candidate or party. When I comment on these politicians it is not a liberal or conservative statement or leaning. I really dislike them all equally, trust me. So relax and enjoy the developing How To Spot A Liar story!) Here she is at 6 months pregnant. Ooopsy! Kinda not showing. Six Months pregnant.
Palin 7 months pregnant? Wow, big growth in 1 month.

Palin 7 months pregnant? Wow, big growth in 1 month.

Pic of Palin in her obvious pregnant state. Big change for only one month difference. I am sure that all of us women who have had babies are thinking that this just doesn’t sit right. And why would there be no word of being pregnant until 7 months into it? If I held my tummy in and wore Spanx, I swear I couldn’t have hid it after 5 months. And her daughter was out of school for months with mono, unseen. But here is the part of the rumor I really want to help bolster. She is speaking in Texas at the energy forum. Her water broke, she stayed, gave a speech, caught a plane back to Alaska, drove to the hospital to then give birth. Been pregnant? We all know that if your water breaks you go immediately to the hospital because of risk of infection and baby must be delivered in 24 hours. And when you water breaks usually your contractions get stronger, that is why they break your water to speed up labor if needed. And she is having a 2 month premature baby with downs syndrome and is going to put herself on a plane from texas to alaska with a very high probability that she will give birth in the air? After having two natural births myself, I can only say OUCH! No way I would want to take the chance of having contractions on a plane. Or anywhere for that matter. And with a premature baby to squeeze out while at 30,000 feet. Come on. As soon as we see the interviews with her I will promptly do a spot a liar analysis for your pleasure. And well, for mine. Wendi Here is the fact from the Texas Ft. Worth Star-Telegram in April:
From Alaskan NBC affiliate KTUU: Just yesterday, Palin was in Texas at a forum on energy with Texas Gov. Rick Perry and executives from four other states. The governor’s water broke during the energy conference but she stayed and gave a 30-minute speech before boarding an Alaska Airlines plane home to deliver the baby. Palin gave birth to Trig Paxson Van Palin Friday at 6:30 a.m. No word on why Palin was so determined to make sure young Trig wasn’t born a Texan.

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One Response to “Palin Pregnancy and what to do when your water broke?”
  1. Bonju Patten says:

    what can I say? Palin was told to do and say the most outrageous things so that THE REPUBLICANS WILL NOT GET ELECTED. It’s obvious to me -

    peace out

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