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OK, this is bugging me. I have a one year money back guarantee on my stuff. You don’t have to prove that it didn’t work, you don’t have to tell me you didn’t like it, you just have to return it within a year. That’s all. One year. I send it to you, you send it back in good condition and if it is returned back to us before one year, we refund your money. So Vincent decides that since his year is up he wants to make his own rules. He feels it should be a usage gaurantee, meaning a year of usage only including the days he used it for a year. WTF? Now, one year and a week later he wants his money back. And I rarely stand on principle with anything and would never want to alienate a customer, but this one is just weird and I am just in the mood to play. He is going to send his letter to the dept of consumer affairs. I suggested that he could exchange his program for another one, perhaps he would like the Stop Procrastination program? Am I bad? Wendi
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One Response to “Satisfaction guaranteed”
  1. Maggie says:

    First off, anyone that feels they should return any of your products is daft. Second, a year and a week? He got his moneys worth. The policy is more than generous. I would offer to send him a new hypnosis CD on INTEGRITY!

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