Great American Smokeout 12 Hour Marathon Live!

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Am I crazy to do this 12 hours live? Stop by if you can logo
Great American Smokeout with Wendi 12 Hour Stop Smoking Hypnosis Marathon ~ Live internet TV show LIVE–> Thursday Nov 20th 9 am- 9 pm pacific time Your Last Cigarette today! Is smoking really addictive? The answer will shock you. Get hypnotized all day ~~~ quit smoking for good. PRIZES every hour, $1000 grand prize for YOUR story. (see below) Can hypnosis make you quit and never have cravings? How powerful is hypnosis for smoking? This event is free for everyone, WorldWide. LIVE–> Thursday Nov 20th Wendi Friesen will hypnotize you live, teach you about hypnosis, and show you why your brain can help you quit smoking easier than you imagined. LIVE–> www.Wendi.TV or 9 am – 9 pm Pacific 12 noon- 12 am Eastern Yes, I am really going to do it. 12 hours live Video Streaming. I really hate to see people getting sucked into drug advertising and think that a pill is a magic cure to stop smoking, especially with the horrible side effects. And they really aren’t very effective, but you probably already know that. I want to help you and if you have been to my live show you know it is about more than just hypnosis. I will take your questions LIVE during the show. sk me Anything! DO YOU HAVE A SMOKING STORY? WIN Prizes every hour and $1000 grand prize ~ Craziest thing you ever did to stop smoking ~ Worst reformed smoker who is a total nag ~ Stupidest thing that happened because of a cigarette ~ Worst Medical Scare you were given ~ Your sex and smoking story ~ The thing that made you quit for good ~ Most extreme punishment for smoking LIVE–> www.Wendi.TV or
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Is Smoking really addictive? Find out. Can your Brain really turn off Cravings? Tune in live. Is hypnosis going to stop the Addiction process? I will help you. Tell your friends, it is a smoke out like no other.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
smileyfacesIf you have a friend who is smoking, send them an email right now! Get them to watch some of the show, it might make them think differently about how smoking affects their brain. AND what if they realize that they can STOP without cravings? And smell sweeeeet! Yea! Email them now. They will thank you for it.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Win $1000 or one of many hourly prizes! Share your smoking story live- Call in on SKYPE OR EMail your story by replying to this email. WIN Prizes every hour and $1000 grand prize ~ Craziest thing you ever did to stop smoking ~ Worst reformed smoker who is a total nag ~ Stupidest thing that happened because of a cigarette ~ Worst Medical Scare you were given ~ Your sex and smoking story ~ The thing that made you quit for good ~ Most extreme punishment for smoking Got a great smoking story? Did you use Hypnosis to Quit? You could win a prize at the TOP OF EACH HOUR during the show.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Try out my 3 minute Hypno Spot on you tube. I will give you a fast blast of hypnosis that will set you straight. I think you will LOVE this, just because you have been feeling that feeling that is making you a little crazy sometimes. Am I right? Check it out, there are several.Here are two of them
Tune in Thursday! Or find your local day and time here Wendi
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5 Responses to “Great American Smokeout 12 Hour Marathon Live!”
  1. Tina Baldonado says:

    Thanx for today didnt order anything as we are on a budget due to economy. I am gonna keep at this as i want to be here for my little girl.

  2. Tina Baldonado says:

    I took a job a fire dipatcher. Worked 24 /7 but it was too stressful, and made me want to smoke even more!

  3. Tina Baldonado says:

    My worse punishment is not being able to hike a really steep mt in the snow without getting winded now!

  4. This is too cool Wendi. I am so looking forward to my new smoke free life. Thank you!

  5. Barb/ostara says:

    Hi Wendi. Here is my story for what it’s worth.

    I started smoking young, about 14 years old, totally a peer pressure thing back in the ’60′s. It was all very underground, because of my parents and my boyfriend who didn’t approve. For them it was OK – just not for me. Which of course made me all the more determined. I smoked a pack to a pack and half a day until January 7th 1978. By then I was married and had a little boy. We had tried to quit a time or two – we knew all the really good reasons to quit. But it never lasted more than a day or two.

    Then we got up one morning and found our ‘compelling’ reason to quit. Our little boy had managed to get himself out of his crib and was exploring quietly on his own. He had gotten into an ashtray that hadn’t been emptied the night before. There in the living room, was the most sickening sight. Our little angel with black cigarette ash all over his mouth and on his tongue.

    We got him cleaned up and watched him to make sure he wasn’t going to get sick. I would like to say we quit then and there, but we were determined that it would be a final break and we knew our limitations. So we agreed with one another that when the tobacco supply we had was gone that would be quitting day, no matter what time the last cigarette was gone. (We had a roller and made our own. We also have a bit of Scottish frugality in us – I blush to say).

    As it happened, on January 7th, we split up what remained of the rolled cigarettes, Hubby went off to work and I set about my day of being a Mom. Just after supper that day, I had my LAST smoke. The reason I remember the date, is that the next year was the first ever ‘Cold Turkey’ day here in Canada and it fell on January 7th, 1979 – and we had been smoke free for a year. It was surprisingly easy once we had that ‘compelling’ reason to quit.

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