Can You Be Hypnotized?

February 2, 2009 by  
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2 Responses to “Can You Be Hypnotized?”
  1. Al Weysham says:

    I need hypnotism for DEPRESSION! God I am SOOO depressed it’s crazy! I think about killing myself so damn often it’s become a normal thought to me… I dont think hypnotism will work though cause i dont think i can be hypnotized.. so, i guess thats a stupid idea.. I used to be such a happy person.. i got hurt and am now on disability and am just plain lonely.. so lonely.. neck, back, legs all hurt so bad all the time… so depressed… i take anti depressants but i think they may as well be coming out of a PEZ dispenser because they are just about as effective as PEZ is for depression… maybe i need to add that abilify stuff to my 16 meds each morning I take. I have literally fallen apart since about age 41.. At 42, to top the cake off I found out I have Hypertension and also Diabetes and High Cholesterol (yes, there are a couple pills for each affliction) I also learned that I have diverticulitus and it put me in the hospital 3 times in a 6 month period. I felt as though I was about to have a baby it hurt so badly… Damn! Im only 42 and i just about think my life is over.. I just cant see over the hill and the top is getting very very close. I dont think there’s another side of that hill for me… I hope you are doing better with your son Wendi. I feel your pain. My daughter is heading down the same road also. She’s behind him in the world of drugs but she’s catching up… I think that hurts worse than all the other pain in my life.. It all just piles up and hurts so badly… Good Luck Wendi… I’ve followed you for years now. I really really like you.. I wish you well.

  2. Al Weysham says:

    No, I seriously do not think that I can be hypnotized. Not at all.. Heck, I can’t even SEE the pictures that are behind those pictures that you have to stare at to see.. you know what I mean, right? I’ve never seen even ONE of them!! I have tried and tried.. my brain is InCapable!

    so, no, i cannot be hypnotized… There! I’ve said it!

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