This is really hard. I’m sure you can relate.

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Hearing such bad news everyday is getting hard for all of us…

It’s the economy.

All this bad news.

The doom, the gloom, the impending downfall of society… and in the midst of this we are told to keep a positive attitude.

Yes indeed, that would be nice.
I am positive that would be nice.
But how do you do that?

You’d probably think I am the last one to say this, but the bad new can be hard to take. Really hard.

In the last month, I have to admit, I’ve been feeling down and unmotivated. On my show the viewers keep asking me how they can feel better in spite of all this bad news.

Every day they are begging me to find a way to restore their energy, hope and motivation.
And to tell you the honest truth, I have been at a loss.

With all my tools, ideas, creativity… I just wasn’t sure how to help anyone overcome the intense worry about the state of our economy and the fear that it creates.

Until now.

I examined my own state of mind, my reactions and responses, and especially the way I started my day in the morning.

And I mean the start… from the first waking breath in the morning, I took a look at how my mind created a perspective for my day that made me unmotivated and powerless.

And then it hit me.
Here’s what I mean. Let me explain.

Watch the video

(I am seriously off the charts excited about life, motivated and energized. Never have I been this excited about a new creation)

Check it out, watch it and decide if this feels right for you.

I love you,


PS- I am going to DONATE 20 sets of the Wake Up Happy CD program. If you have a friend or family member who is down and out and needs a hand, please give me their name and address. I will send them right out.

PPSS- Get an extra bonus- Find the last work I say on the video.
If you order the Wake Up Happy package for $77, will you get an additional bonus of the entire POWER NAP program (a $49 value)
This means you get a $234 value for only $77!


Newport Beach,
California 95762
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