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Think before you ink. What would you do for a client like this?

I get many intersting emails for help. This one is really unique. He  is desperate, wants help, has no money and has a really interesting problem. He gave me permission to post this and ask for help. Please put your answers on the blog post so he can see them. Your comments and ideas for how he can help this problem will be immensely appreciated! Wendi Here is his email: Hello my name is William and I am a 27 year old male. I have tattoos all over my body and would do anything to get rid of them. I have tried to have them removed by a ” doctor ” who left me with horrible scars all over my chest. I would do anything to get rid of all of my tattoos and scars. I realize in the past I have taken too many things for granted. I have had laser treatments since then but at this point I do not think it is even an option. Every night I pray to God for help and I know he hears me. I beg for forgiveness. I do not want vanity all I want is my purity. I know he can help me. I need a miracle. Please help.
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6 Responses to “A tattoo problem”
  1. AngeloB says:

    Oh, by the way, I didn’t have to “pray for forgiveness” either; the simple decision to accept, and love, that part of me (my tattoo) provided me with all the “cleansing” I needed. (Just that act, banished all guilt I’d felt for so many years! There was no longer any need to ask for forgiveness!) Again love, Angelo B., N.Y.C., N.Y.

  2. AngeloB says:

    Regarding tattoos: I had one made on my left forearm when I was a 25 y.o. man (a tiger’s face, if you must know), and would you believe that 41 years later (yes, I’m 66 now) I was still regretting it, feeling ashamed of it, the whole shebang! It was only a few days ago, that I (finally!) decided to accept it (it’s a very real part of me, isn’t it?). I realized that by rejecting it, I’d been rejecting myself for so long! (What a terrible mistake!) To reverse that, I looked at it, for the first time ever, with loving eyes, caressed it, and ever so lovingly, bent down and gave it one of the most loving kisses I’ve ever given! We’re very good friends, now; I no longer resent it, instead I’m even proud of it (it’s not a bad looking one, and now it’s my dear child!). What that has done, and continues to do, to my self-esteem is amazing! It’s transforming me in such wonderful ways! I’m so glad I finally made peace with it, I only regret I couldn’t think of it sooner. Love, Angelo B., N.Y.C., N.Y.

  3. wendymerron says:

    Every night I pray to God for help and I know he hears me. I beg for forgiveness. I do not want vanity all I want is my purity. I know he can help me. I need a miracle. Please help.

    Forgiving yourself is the first step towards your personal healing process…it sounds like you are on your way…When you learn that you are ok and have learned from the past you will feel a release.

    Your miracles will come from inside…
    Wendy Merron, C.Ht., CI
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  4. thelights says:

    Hi William

    I think it is as simple as realizing that you are a beautiful person and that just the fact that you have decided that you want to change – whether that be inside or out, you have made the first steps.

    I don’t want you to think that i am over simplifying your issues because our own issues can be enough to consume our thoughts and lives but you need to remember that if it is purity you seek – you already have that!! “It lives inside all of us” ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS LOOK INSIDE and all the answers are there.

    Take some time to be still and go within you will find that inside you is the miracle you are seeking.

    Good luck with all you strive for.

    lots of love and light

    Leah aka lollylight

  5. mariya shall says:


    I see that you are a remarkable man.

    It is so good to discover purity and gratitude. Purity and gratitude are the two most powerful healing emotions in the world. Hold on to them just a little bit longer, keep them until they blend together. When mixed together they become love.

    I wish I could see these tattoos. I wonder where on your body these marks are. These lines on your skin are the story of your past. What do they say to you about yourself? What are these images? Where did they come from, and what do they say to you now?

    If you could hold an art show called “I” and you are the artist, what would newspapers say about “I”, what would they write about I?

    I would love to now.

    Mariya Shall

  6. jackelias says:

    Being concerned about your body in a positive or negative way is equally vanity.
    Begging for forgiveness is still a self-centered activity.
    Stop praying to God to fix your body and forgive you, and pray instead to be shown how to serve His Will.
    Since you are convinced He is listening, I guarantee you will get a response if you make this prayer with sincerity.
    Good luck!


    Jack Elias, Min., CH
    Lucid Heart© Therapy & Life Coaching
    Institute for Therapeutic Learning
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