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I really can help you sleep better, starting tonight.  The struggle is over… Wendi.com
You begged, I listened
We have a lot to lose sleep over these days.
Please get my VIDEO GIFT, and watch it so you can sleep. After all, I am the mistress of all things sleep.
The news is bad.
Your brain is sprung.
Your awake at night- worried, fearful, fighting anxiety, stressed?

Please let me help.

I have a special video for you today.

I know that you might be having trouble sleeping and from what most of you have told me you wake up with some real problems on your mind. The biggest request I have from most of you is to help get to sleep and stay asleep.

You might have insomnia, or just have trouble getting back to sleep, or maybe you are new at tossing and turning. The news these days is not helping any of us sleep better.

I have to tell you, I used to have horrible insomnia. It took me a while to figure out how to overcome it. And if you have insomnia you know all those handy tips don’t do crap to help you sleep. It is not about having a dark room, or going to bed at the same time… or only using your bed for sleep, nothing else.
(really? and where exactly are you supposed do the deed? Kitchen counter?)
(not that it’s a bad thing)
(kitchen’s fine… I’m just sayin…)

 It is about that incessant activity in your brain that just keeps on going! Sometimes it is a song that won’t stop playing over and over…  I used to really hate that one.

I have a free video for you that will give you my hypnotic sleep tips and how to manage that nighttime twirling brain problem. I know it will make a difference for you.


Watch it here

And now for the most exciting thing I have made in a long time-


I bet you didn’t know that Somnus is the Roman God of sleep, and lucky for you Hypnos is the greek god of sleep.
How lucky is that? I got you covered.

And Lucent means- glowing with light , marked by clarity or translucence.

So have a little Somnus followed by a Lucent morning! 

This newest, and possibly the most transformational, program is going to give you long, peaceful nights of sleep.
And it goes really nicely with Wake Up Happy!

As you fall asleep at night, you will choose what you want your brain to work on as you sleep. If you remember from my Sweet Dreams program, our tests showed that you really can absorb suggestions as you fall asleep and that you do transform and change during sleep.

This is why my new SomnuLucent program is a
brilliant way to fall asleep.

Let go of stress and anxiety
Stop obsessive thoughts
Train your brain to stay asleep
Transform your fears
Choose your topic-
be confident, powerful, healthier, solve a problem, program your dreams…

Take a look- Since you are a newsletter subscriber you get the PREVIEW SPECIAL if you decide it is something you need right now.

Enjoy the video- it is about the things I learned in my struggle with my own insomnia and discoveries I made with helping clients.


With my wishes for deep, sleepy nights,


PS- The testimonials that are pouring in for Wake Up Happy are just stunning. Seriously, last night I had tears of joy as I read your stories.
I am stunned at the immense changes this program has made for so many of you. If you were one of the people who sent a testimonial, I just have to thank you for sharing your stories. I am deeply moved.
Thank you.
I love you.
Thank you.
Grateful too… glad to help.
Yes, tears, seriously.


PPSS- If you have not yet discovered the WAKE UP HAPPY program, you can read some cool stories and get it for yourself here as well.
Wendi.TV is live Monday-Thursday.
Catch me live, ask me anything!
Experience Hypnosis online at my web TV show!


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