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What is your deepest need?
Love Yourself Lately?
wendi vid love self What does it take to love yourself?
Watch the video now
I made this program because I get so many emails about loving yourself. I know that some of you are totally taking the above question in an entirely different direction than I intended… I just know how some of you think. I read your emails.

You know it’s true, you have to love yourself first, feel worthy, know that you matter, and that probably is the real key to happiness. In reality we are all our own worst critics and we forgive others a lot faster than we forgive ourselves.
When I made LOVE THYSELF, I decided to take three aspects of ourselves and spend time sending deep waves of love to all the things related to our needs. First loving your body, next loving your power, and (here it is, your fav) loving your sexual self.

And to really create an entirely new start and release your judgement or self blame and guilt, you must learn to forgive. I know it is easier to forgive others, but when you listen to this session I want you to do the ultimate forgiveness. And that is to forgive yourself.

I think the combination of these sessions might be the ONE biggest and best thing you can do to become a more powerful, loving and sensual person.
These are instant downloads and they are usually $29 each. But let’s just get this done and start feeling the self love. Fair warning- the self love session about sensuality is meant to start a fire deep in your soul. And maybe other places. Let’s get it started. Nuff said?

Regular $29, get them now for only $11 each

Love Thyself, 3 full length sessions, learn more
Forgiveness, The ultimate forgiveness experience
Honesty and Integrity
Karma of Kindness

Find out why I feel this is a life changing way to really come to LOVE YOURSELF!
Watch the video now.

Also, for a 4 minute trance session that will give you an instant boost of lovin, go here and let the love in!
4 minutes of hypno bliss for you.
Sleeping much?
Wendi headphonesI am already getting some great emails about how much better you are all sleeping at night. I am so grateful to be able to help you to  feel better. In a few days I will send out the next survey for all the evaluators. I know I originally said I only wanted 50 evaluators and that limit was reached fast!

But if you are a newsletter subscriber, you are in! If you didn’t get in on the evaluation group’s price, I will extend it to you now at the same price for the download version.

Take a look now and if you want it at the evaluation price choose the option to download the Somnulucent program (not the CDs or the combo).
Use coupon SleepEV and start sleeping great tonight.
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Remember, everything in your life will feel better when you love yourself. Holding onto grudges, blame or beating yourself up over past mistakes takes away your ability to live in a healthy body, be powerful and successful and have a satisfying love life.

So, if you are ready, I am here for you.
Love Thyself
Forgive Yourself

I promise, you will be changed. Watch it, won’t you?

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