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Interviews you need to hear.

Wednesday, 8 pm  Eastern, 5 pm Pacific
Tellman Knudson Interview on the Truth About Hypnosis. We talk about the truth about addiction.
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Thursday,  2:10 pm Eastern, 11:10 am Pacific
Fox News Strategy Room, Alan Colmes,
National TV, check your listing for channel.

You should be concerned!
The drug and alcohol problem is not going away. Our high school kids are using vicodin and oxycontin at alarming rates. These are opiates that create a devastating and life long change in the brain.

Many of you know that I have been struggling in my own family to try to help my oldest son, Sean, with his opiate addiction. I have been posting some very personal aspects of my journey. It is hard to read for some of you, because it hits home. For some of you it will be an eye opener.

I do give you a warning, it is very personal.

Why would I choose to share this with you? I know that millions of people, mothers, fathers, and families are struggling with  addiction.

Those who have teenagers who think they are not affected, I invite you to open your eyes to what is happening to our young people. If you are not affected personally you will be affected by the alarming increase in crime as you watch those around become desperate. You might choose to become more aware of the doctor’s who are supplying our teens under the table. You might start to notice the increase in pharmacy robberies.

Or you might be struggling with your family, afraid to talk about it.
By sharing this openly I hope to give you a hand to hold.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Please leave your comments and thoughts.
I will continue to share my journey. It helps me. :)

Ultimately, I hope to get my powerful message to the  parents, teachers, rehab centers and the media. We all need to look at finding new perspective in treating addiction.

After you read my blog posts, you can go here to watch a video that explains how I feel. It is the truth about addiction treatment.

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Read the blog, the story will continue to be shared. It just feels like the thing I need to do.

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