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Riley needs a JOB! So I said, clear out the storage in my office! He found tons of programs from seminars, spindles of extra CDs, MP4 players preloaded, and tons of amazing stuff.
So I said- "You make a list, check it twice, make the links and get this stuff OUT of here" and he did. Put him to work! He is ready for you to body slam him with work for the next few days shipping them out.

riley computerRILEY NEEDS YOU!

Are you ready for a ridiculous scratch and dent bonanza?
There’s so much to offer in this sale.
You could be a starving Nigerian child soldier and be transformed into a successful happy wealthy industrialist with a perfect love life!

Dig in now to this buffet of insanely, amazingly priced programs for all!

Hey everyone, this is Riley, son of the amazing Wendi.

I’m here to tell you how she has imprisoned me for days in her small storage room to count endless amounts of programs, find all the returns, and sort millions of different cd’s!
Basically, she won’t let me eat or come out until all of these are sold! And somehow I still love her and think she is wondrous in every way.
Weird isn’t it?
drumSo please help a POW out and go crazy on this one of a kind extravaganza. I would sure love to eat something.

Thanks a lot-


PS- She is also dangling a new skateboard for me as a reward when I done packing your orders. So get busy.

Scratch and Dent and INSANE overstock STARTS NOW.
Quantities are limited to amount stated.
NO adjustments on previous orders.
All CDs and DVDs are guaranteed to play perfectly, but NO returns. (we will replace a defective disk)
Order fast, as you know these things are gone sometimes in minutes.

Your Nasty Habits! Poof, their gone.

Addiction freedom- Reg. $29, only $9, qty 35
Alcohol freedom – Reg. $149, only $39, qty 32
Bite Me- Stop Fingernail biting - Reg. $29, only $12 qty 6
Bruxism, Stop teeth grinding -Reg. $29, only $12, qty 3
Stop smoking for good! Unreal deal. Reg $49, only $9, qty 25
Chill Out, End Anger reg. $49, only $14, qty 10
No more anger reg. $29, only $9, qty 4

CDsMe Love You Long Time

Big O DVD  a naughty good time, learn the trick!- Reg $69, only $9, qty 45
Remote Seduction, really good stuff. – Reg $39, only $12, qty 19
Sensual pleasure – reg $39, only $13, qty 15
All You need is Love reg. $29, only $15, qty 6
Hypno Mojo mega -reg. $99, only $17, qty 28
Happy in love reg.$49, only $17, qty 24
Hypnotize your lover…deeper, the book reg.$19, only $9, qty 50
Secret fantasy – Reg. $29, only $9, qty 12
Breast enlargement -Reg $99, only $39, qty 7

KeysIt’s Like Time Travel, only without that expensive time machine.

Day Dreamer- Reg $29, only $15, qty 20
Timeline Journey- reg $59, only $23, 2  -qty 15

anger 2Oh, My Aching Thing!
Heal your body -reg. $29, only $13, qty 10
Back Pain Relief 2CD -reg $69, only $39, qty 5
Joint freedom reg $29, only $5, qty 58
Clear head, end headaches -reg $49, only $24, qty 20
Body Mastery, extreme health 4 CDs -reg $99, only $49, qty 10
Stress release and Self Hypnosis – reg $29, only 12, qty 24
Singing for health -reg $29, now only $12, qty 4

manDon’t Look So Scared, I got yer back.
Confidence Power Pack- reg $99, now $29, qty 18
Do it now Just stop procrastinating- reg $79, only $29, qty 18
Power of persuasion - reg $99, now only $39, qty 24
Public speaking mastery – reg $119, only $39, qty 13
Fearless cold calling reg. $29 only $9, qty 15

cowYou will say Holy Cow! DVD Package
8 DVDs, value of insane amount of $600ish.
ONLY $67 when you get all 8. Crazy, yes.
I want the 8 pack now! See the list here.
8 DVDs, over $600 value, only $67, qty 20


It’s Like Wendi in Your House.
Only she doesn’t cook or clean.

Check it out- DVDs!

Advanced hypnosis techniques DVD- reg. $49, now $9, qty 8
How to spot a liar reg. 39, only $9 qty 19
How to Hypnotize anyone  reg. 49, only $9 qty 17
How to hypnotize anyone -seminar reg.  , only $9  qty 46
Self hypnosis 2 (the power within) reg. 49, only $9 qty 28
Self hypnosis 1 (mastery) reg. 49, only $9 qty 22
Stage hypnosis reg.$39  , only $9 qty 12
EFT, DVD. Get it ASAP. FYI, this is A-OK- reg.$39, only $9, qty 15
Quantum Manifesting seminar Bruce and Wendi! reg.$199 , only $9 qty 15

Hypnosis for childbirth,DVD only/paper sleeve, [No CDs]Only $5 qty 85

It’s Your Life! Get Your Act Together.
Make Mom Proud.

Brain massage- manifest everything. (double voice)-reg $29, only $12, qty17
My life, End Depression 6 CDs reg. $99, only $35 qty 12
Power posture, stand up straight - reg $29, only $9, qty 6
The Truth will set you free -Be honest! Reg $39, now $14, qty 5
Who am I? Find yourself, you’ll like what you find- reg.$49 , only $24, qty 8
If you had the guts reg.$29, only $7 qty 6
Lucky you/telekinesis reg $29, only $13 qty 23
Depression buster/Clear Plastic bag -reg.29$ , only $12, qty 9
Release negative anchors – reg $29, only $9, qty 111

Put Your Kids to Sleep with a Snap of Your Fingers
Sleepy kids 1, under 5 years old -reg. $29 , now $12, qty 3
Sleepy kids 2, over 5 years old – reg. $29, only $12, qty 4

sleepy kid desk
You Got Skills! Mad Skills.
Music/mind/spirit/ – reg.$89, now $39, qty 29
Speed read spell well – reg.$49, now $17, qty 47
The tao of dow, day trading intuition. – reg.$29 , now $9, qty 18
Sports- The Mind Game, for any sport – reg.$49, only $29, qty 14

mp4Wendi in Your Pocket, At Your Service
Pocket Therapist- pre-loaded Mp4 player – reg.$119, only $37, qty 12

script book

100s of Pages, 1000s of Words. Brilliantly Arranged.

Hypnotherapy Script Book -reg.$89, now $29, qty 12


Sleep. Wake Up. Sleep.
I can never remember the order.

Wide awake! 3 Sessions to use while awake and alert – reg.$39 , now $12, qty 25
Wake up sleepy head. Become a morning person. – reg.$29, now $9, qty 13
Power Nap 2cd. Slip in a quick nap anytime. – reg.$49, only $17, qty 37

bikeSomebody’s Been Working Out!
Appetite zapper and Love to exercise:- reg.29, only $9, qty 16
Zen of Thin, Final Closeout, then Gone for Good! – reg.$149, now $39, qty 51
Workout compulsion. A good compulsion. – reg.$29, now
$1, qty 1 MILLION
Sweet Dreams, Lose Weight in Your Sleep – reg.$59, only $35, qty 19
Brain massage to Get thin and Stop Junk food reg$29 , only $12 qty 25

boxLook What we found on the back shelf
Cd package, Hot deal, made even hotter. (8 CDS) – reg.$273, now $39, qty 34
Cd package, check it out (3 CDS) – reg.$137, only $19, qty 11


Do hurry. Riley needs to get packin!

I love you all,

Quantities are limited to amount stated.
NO adjustments on previous orders.
All CDs and DVDs are guaranteed to play perfectly, but NO returns. (we will replace a defective disk)
Order fast, as you know these things are gone sometimes in minutes.

No whining or complaining. The race is on.

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5 Responses to “Newsletter- Scratch ‘n Dent time”
  1. sandi says:

    Hey Riley. Why don’t you grab some of these cd’s, like “how to hypnotize anyone” or the “power of persuasion” and use your new mad skills to make your mom release you!

    In the meantime I’ll get busy with my order. Thanks for all the hard work.

    ps. If you dig up an extra “if you had the guts” cd I’ll take it!


  2. Fran says:

    I love your scratch n dent sale; I have so many Wendi CDs now (often thanks to these sales) – that even with this huge list …. my choice is hard!

    I love your website & Newsletters & Wendi TV.

    Riley Rocks!! …. Let him out now, Wendi – he’s done a good job!!!!


  3. Maria says:

    What a good looking son, and talented too! How proud you must be to have brought such a wonderful person into this world. Hope he gets the skateboard.

  4. Leon says:

    Offer me a real deal on 1 of everything!

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