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Hello my twitter friends!

If you have found this, you are among the 3000 very alert twitter followers of mine! Congratulations. Now, the most important thing you can do with this session is to listen to it when you are fully relaxed and able to focus without interruption. This session quite literally changed my life. Yea, I know everyone says that… but this really did. It was inspired by Win Wenger and I found a description in his book the Einstein Factor. He knows I am using his brilliance to make sessions and as a result we have come to know each other better!

Parallel World is an unusual journey to meet yourself in a new environment doing something that you are destined to do.

If you were raised without all the damage, hurt, pain, disappointments (I know that is part of what makes us who we are… just stick with me for a second) and harsh realities that cause us to not live up to our potential… who would you be? If anyone said it best, it was probably your 5th grade teacher. “Not living up to his/her potential”. Yup, I know. We were all in the same boat I think. ALERT- This link will only be up for ONE day (more or less depending how many other things distract me) and it is for my alert 3000 followers who are winners! If your not one of them, why not follow me now. There is too much free stuff for your brain that you can shake a dendrite at, posted frequently on my twitter feed. http://www.twitter.com/wenditv Click follow, and (for advanced, sexy users) make a column just for me, wontcha?

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Caution- this session might make you feel like THIS.

Caution- this session might make you feel like THIS.

Click here to Get it now! Password is posted on my twitter feed Please make sure you enjoy this session with eyes closed and fully engaged. It will be one you will remember! Only here for a day. Find the play button on the narrow grey bar on the blip site. You can find it. I know it is obscure, just figure it out. :) Loving you! Wendi

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