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LAST DAY of SALE~ Bryan and Melissa sent pics of the new  shop they set up.  All smiles! news
Last Day of Big Sale! Ends at Midnight.

(read this online if you like)

Phew! It looks like the best is yet to come.

As you remember, Bryan and Melissa took all our merchandise out of the warehouse at the Simi Valley company and set it up in their new location in Folsom


They filled their 1000 sq ft warehouse quickly with shelves, shipping supplies and the entire 26′ Uhaul of merchandise.
Let’s make it extra fun for them! Last day of the sale, and remember to add Hypnotize Your Lover to your order, for only $10 (regular $49) because THEY get to keep the entire $10 of each order as a bonus! They deserve it.

They are ready to rumble! They have had such a great attitude during this be re-adjustment, and tirelessly set up the warehouse in their control so they can give you amazing service and only hire the best people to assist in purple box management!

Below are the details for getting your 40% off, the extra free gift worth $49, and adding the item to your order that gets them a nice bonus as well.

I want to reward them in a big way, and you can help!

With every order, before Sunday at midnight, we are going to give Bryan and Melissa a nice surprise.

1- Order anything- 40% off for 2 days only!
2- If order is over $50- Choose a FREE GIFT
(value of $49)
3- Add Hypnotize Your Lover for only $10  
(value of $49)
4-Use coupon code MBLOVE

Bryan and Melissa will get a big fat check for ALL the sales of the Hypnotize Your Lover bonus that you add to your order!

Hypnotize Your Lover, instant download
Book and CD- $49 value.
ONLY $10~

Bryan and Melissa will fill your orders perfectly, with love, gratitude and their always spectacular attitude.

GET a $50 free gift on top of the 40% off.
Insane? Yes.

1- Order as many things as you want at 40% off.
Take me there

2-USE coupon MBLOVE for discount on entire order

3- Order total over $50? Get your gift.
In your order comments ask for your free gift of 1 of these: ($29-49 value)


4- Add Hypnotize Your Lover Download to your order for $10. (price will correct to $10 after coupon)
Yes I want this

I have an exciting day tomorrow! I have hired an amazing team of people to do some very cool projects for and the future is going to start to look new and fresh!

Tomorrow is our first day together as a team. And I know it is going create an entirely new experience that will continue to change your life.

There are 5 very extraordinary people that I will introduce you to this week. I am off the charts excited about this.

Stay tuned!

I love you,


What I love- Insanely great people like Robert and Matas!

Robert dropped me a line. Cool, huh?
smileyfaces "Wendi,
I wanted to thank you for taking over in my continued success.

Tony Robbins brought me to you and your tapes have helped me forgive myself and grow in the business world! I appreciate all you have done and continue to do for me.

Big HUGS from Robert"

And Matas wrote me from London-

"Dear Wendi,

I kept on listening to the Abundance package as you suggested and I was offered a job in London, at a very prestigious, Fortunes top 400 corporation. I will be the part of a legal team as an intern. Despite it’s an entry job with a basic salary, it could be considered as a "dream job" for me, at this point of my life. I hope to move on and achieve even greater things.

I want to express my gratitude to you for making this available with your suggestion and your contribution. May God bless you and the whole Wendi team.

kind regards,

Get your own week of Abundance! 8 days in this week, each one will get you off your @ss and make you think big and powerful and maybe even make you see your future through new eyes.

(this item is not part of the 40% off sale and you have to check out in a seperate cart, but you can get $100 off (66% off)  if you watch the first free video!)

Will this 12 minutes STOP your Habit or Addiction?
This session is totally free.
Find out if just 12 minutes of your life will make you feel like a new person.

Find it on the right side column of this page
Listen now to this one.

Last Day to Play
at 40% off.

How about you -

End Your Anger
Positive Parenting
Creative Brain Blast
Persuasion Mastery
Get Over Loss of Love
Make your kids SLEEP
Stop Childhood Obesity
Increase your Manhood
Get your Mojo Back
Stop Clutter NOW
Stop Smoking
Quit Drinking
Happiness 101
Repair your Relationship

Show your love!

You get this for $10, and Bryan and Melissa get a huge surprise!

Hypnotize Your Lover
Book and CD, $49.00
1- Order anything
(at 40% off)

2- Add Hypnotize Your Lover download, book and MP3 for only $10

3- Bryan and Melissa get the entire proceeds from this item as a gift of love from all of YOU!
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Instructions for this big sale
1. Order as much as you want, 40% off.
GO here

2. Use coupon MBLOVE for discount.

3. Add Hypnotize Your Lover to order for only $10 ( don’t worry, after coupon it will become $10)
Add to order now

4. Choose your GIFT ($29-49 value) by putting in the comment area- (only one gift per order IF your order is over $50)

Power Nap
Speed Read, Spell well
Peace Within

Remember- the entire amount from Hypnotize Your Lover book and CD goes directly to Melissa and Bryan!

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