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A breathe of fresh air is on it’s way.

But first… what do you think about this:
If relapse is part of recovery, could it be setting you up to fail?

If relapse is part of recovery, could it be setting you up to fail?

Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic. Once an addict, always an addict. That is one of the beliefs of AA that you subscribe to when you choose to recover from alcohol or drugs with AA. To hold a core belief that you will always identify yourself with everything that phrase means, will only reinforce the weakness and massive helplessness.

There are no easy answers in solving the addiction treatment issue.

Obviously people relapse time and time again without knowing why. They are asked to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. In most cases they are told they need to surrender. And specifically, surrender to God. The religious aspect of treatment is a difficult one. For some people it is everything. Their faith, or finding God, has meant the world to them. They are able hang on if they know they can find their strength in God. Spirituality is important in everyone’s personal growth and for some people in AA it is everything. But for some in rehab or AA, when they are faced with weakness or insecurity and feel like using they are told they just need to surrender. Surrender to God. I get it. And I see the value in having that silent partner in your recovery. And I wonder… if God is the answer and is such a benevolent God, why does he only let 5% of those who surrender to him get clean and sober? And if you surrender to God and you relapse do you judge yourself unworthy of God’s grace?
Do you have to surrender to recover?

Do you have to surrender to recover?

What if we take God out of the addiction equation and decide that getting clean and sober is going to be all about you and how your brain will form new pathways and removing the deep triggers. If you can reinforce the brain activity that will stop fear, doubt and cravings what would happen? What if? There are experts in the addiction field that are doing just that and having amazing results. Let’s take smoking as a great example. At one time it was claimed to be the most addictive substance ever. More addictive than heroin. And yet, a large percentage of smokers who use a great hypnosis method are almost instantly relieved of cravings. Nicotine, that is supposedly more powerful than heroin, can be overcome by changing the way the brain reacts to thoughts, triggers and environment. At the core of every great hypnotherapist’s program for smoking is creating a solid belief that you are no longer a smoker. By imagining yourself vividly in your future, free from cigarettes, and implanting all the elements of the experience into the brain, something changes. It changes enough that you do not have cravings for cigarettes. Mind boggling.

For almost four years, my Alcohol Freedom program has defied logic.

People who have failed repeatedly at quitting suddenly have no cravings. In fact, since I use their old triggers to create new responses in their brain they can be in any situation and feel fine. One of my clients quit drinking and his friend was not aware he had quit. She bought him a glass of his favorite whiskey at a bar, waved it under his nose, and because the sight, smell and sound of alcohol is now a trigger for him to feel powerful, healthy and in control it only made him feel stronger. No craving he said. Not even a flutter. Imagine that the very substance that is overpowering your brain and ruining your life actually becomes the trigger to make your commitment stronger! So, one client tells me that when she goes to the grocery store she dances in the aisle with the wine. She says she is smiling all the way feeling complete freedom! The sight of the wine aisle only makes her stronger. Another tells me he still has a six pack in his fridge. He doesn’t even realize it is there, even though he was drinking 24 beers a night. Addiction is a powerful brain condition that is overwhelming our country. Failing at multiple attempts to get clean only reinforces that you don’t have what it takes, you are not worthy, you are never going to get clean. And from that frame of mind you get to live your entire life.

As the mother of an addict, I know what the families go through.

I know the pain of one addict is also the pain of the family, the friends, the legal system and our strained jails. While my son was in jail (I can never really believe how easy it is for me to say that now days) he said that the guys in there were just waiting for the day they got out so they could get messed up. (drugs and alcohol) They had it all planned out. Jail doesn’t change your brain for the better. Over 80% of those in jail are there for a drug related crime. And they are determined to go back and use drugs on the day they get out! Dang… we are doomed.

Wow, that’s a lot of money!

Passages rehab in malibu is $90,000. They use hypnotherapy, acupuncture, massage and therapy. Passages claims a phenomenal success rate – over 80%. They are currently opening a second center. And for families who have spent money on multiple rehab experiences at $20-40,000 each time, might wish they had spent the big bucks first.

Tomorrow- The answer.

I am not sure I have THE answer, I just have some great results with my work. Look, I didn’t come up with this. I learned, studied, tested, applied my methods and have had some amazing results with people who have failed repeatedly. And all with sessions they do at home, in private, self administered. The addicts are stunned. I am stunned. We are on the verge of something amazing. Let’s awaken to the power we have to use our rapidly changing brains to make something great happen. You in?

Tomorrow- The 7 Day Addiction Freedom program will be offered.

Join me, and find out if happiness is  week away!

Join me, and find out if happiness is week away!

Will you find out how powerful you can be? If it changes you a little or a lot, how will life be different for you? If you are committed to spending 7 days in an honest environment, and doing some honest self assessment, you will find out if 7 days can change everything. For some it will be the answer. For others it will be the start of a new path in life. It is all online fully supported by me daily. I am not going to cut you loose after 7 days. The program continues after that. Just start wondering today what it might feel like if you wake up a week from now, and everything is different. Lots of love coming at you!


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16 Responses to “Life After Rehab”
  1. John G says:

    Wendi, Was Able to purchase program,,, Now I need to know how,to take the survy. Where to go to do so. Or does that infomation come when the material, come’s.
    Your show was Great, watched all 3 hours. Purchased during second break, Thank you,,, John,,,

  2. John G says:

    Tried to purchase Program after you first hour, Friday,,, John

  3. Diane says:

    Wendi….I can’t wait…it’s Friday. You have verbalized everything I’ve ever thought about 12 step. You make so much sense and your Zen of Thin has been so beneficial to me. I can’t wait for this program. I went through the 12 step, and was sucessful for many years, but I am not maintaining. I hope to have this program by the end of the day

  4. Nangelina says:

    OK. It’s Friday and it’s not in my inbox. I’m ready for it Wendi. Your email came to me at just the right time. My biggest concern is not the cravings or the relapse. My problem is that my body is very physically addicted to this stuff (an opiate) and I was sick for three weeks the last time I quit. I really do not want to go through that again. It would cost over $7000 to go through the accelerated detox program, and that’s not going to happen.

    I will still get in on this program, but I don’t know how it’s going to help me get through that part of it.

  5. Stella says:

    Hi Wendi
    I went to AA meetings for 12 years in 3 different countries, and even did a stint at Betty Ford – on my way in I made a mental note of the closest liquor store where I knew I would buy my first bottle when I was done. I havent had a drink in 5 years now and while it wasn’t the steps that got me sober it was the fellowship that I finally found in the rooms. Now I tell people to find a meeting with people you would have been drinking with.. I now socialize with ex-drunks outside the meetings because I don’t like nor recognize them in their ‘meeting mode’. I never understood the bit about alcohol being ‘cunning, baffling powerful’ – surely its just liquid that sits in a bottle and its only power is what I give it…

    Did give up cigs for 3 years but am temporarily back on them dumb me! Will get the hypnosis tape for that and be done with it by next month.

    Thank you Wendi. I can’t stand it when people talk about their ‘defects of character’! I identify as a Recovered was a big problem for a long time and it isnt anymore.


  6. Salticowboy says:

    Hey Wendi,

    This is great stuff. It long over due that someone would attack this and other problems like this. Our country needs what you are doing. Blessings and Sunshine.

    Happy Trails,
    Harry Sump

  7. Randy says:

    I always felt that God had more important business to tend to then be my crutch for something that I caused for myself with poor choices due to the fact that God gives us free-will. And so we have free-will to follow him or not to and we have free-will to live intelligently or to make stupid decisions and live dangerously and in the stupid mode (drunk,high). I always have disliked the AA program. I knew it would never work for me because those people would depress me so much I never had stronger feelings to get ripped than after a meeting. And I am a nonsmoker and I would choke at the meetings as they smoked cigarette’s like chimneys. I hate smoking and I realized AA was bad for me as I bought a 12 pack one night after a meeting and the next thing I knew I asked the clerk for a pack of cigarette’s. I could not believe it and I never went to another meeting. Of course 3 weeks after I picked my sponsor he than relapsed and that wasn’t to cool neither. Thanks Wendi for the information and confirming the opinions I already had felt but I wasn’t sure if those opinions were abnormal or not until hearing you voice them to. When I would bring these issues up I was told I was just making excuses to avoid working the program. What program the program to despair? Randy

  8. Hi Wendi
    Very impressed with what you have to say regarding alcohol issues. As a Hypnotherapist working over here in the UK (we met some years ago at the NCH conference in London) I have to say that the drug and alcohol agencies here also work in ways that are old-fashioned and which seem to be dedicated to reinforce negative belief sysyems and therefore continue the cycle of addiction. It’s a bloody disgrace that in 2009 they are still using strategies which have such a low success rate. We know how effective hypnotherapy can be-it should be the primary tool used by anyone wanting to overcome addictions.
    Good luck with the programme, and good luck to all those who use it to change their lives for the better.

  9. Coni says:

    Wendi, All week I’ve been reading your newletter on addiction. I keep seeing myself. I know group meetings and going it alone haven’t worked for me. I do believe in God as my higher power, but I think He wants us to more than just surrender. I believe he puts Grace in our path as a guide and he expects us to utilize the gifts and graces He provides for us. But we have to open our eyes and minds so that we can recognize God’s gifts. As I read your newsletters, I feel God is guiding you to help us break free of addictions through your programs. Thank you for following your heart to help people like me and many others!

  10. Hi Wendy

    This is great news for anyone out there who really really wants to be totally free what you are doing in your works works. I know that because as a hypnotherapist in the United Kingdom for nearly 30 years I work in similar ways. Bless you Wendy you are a star hugs from Mair

  11. Alyson Kelly says:


    I truly do believe that the key to freedom from addiction is in the mind.

    Thank you for articulating so much of what I feel regarding the issue of addiction.

    I am loving these posts!


  12. Mariah Lohman says:

    Wendi…I can remember quite vividly the first time you mentioned your sons addition and the toll it put on your life, finances, self-esteem and how helpless you and your son felt. You pioneered a way to bring him out of this self destructive lifestyle that worked when all else had failed. Now, you can talk about what happened with pride instead of shame because your efforts killed the wolf that was tearing at both your lives.

    I can only hope that someday soon you will have a program that will help me overcome my hopeless dilema that I have done to myself.
    My best to you and especially to your son,

  13. Darrell says:

    Hey, I’m typing this while I’m high as a 60′ kite right now. I’m 57 and since age 21 I’ve learned to function under the influence of beer quite well. I like being high and as you can see, my grammar and thinking is in tact, right now.

    I do though worry about the future and how my mind and body will hold up and it’s that which prompts me to respond to you and your program.

    How am I doing for being “under?”

    Ok Wendy my love, as for the god crap, I am a non-theist and put zero value in hoping the influences of a esoteric god will be instrumental in me refraining from the beneficial pleasures of beer. ZERO. Nothing fails like prayer and beLIEving in a god to help you in this life. Nothing.

    What I would really like is for you Windy to email me and then give me your phone number so we can talk personal like. I know you are a busy and accomplished woman that I’ve come to admire, but, regardless, I deserve a phone chat from you.

    What say ye?

  14. mickey says:

    i cant wait iam in

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