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Message from Wendi
Hello my amazing friends!

One of my favorite things to teach people is how their brain is making them better at something, or sometimes worse. If I could challenge you to do just ONE thing differently, it would be to spend time visualizing and imagining the correct outcome of something you are learning- a skill,  a new habit, a musical instrument, your sport, or even a new behavior.

What if you are impatient, or have a bad temper? Have you ever tried something as simple as imagining and envisioning yourself being calm or effective? Have you ever imagined yourself as a better listener rather than reacting or attacking?
We can all benefit from better listening skills, dontcha think?
At a workshop I did many years ago, I had to be silent for the entire day. Everything I had to contribute to the group had to be offered in total silence. I became a very good listener! That day sure changed my life. I remember it like it was yesterday.

We know so much about the science behind the brain growth and response, now we just need to start using it. I have tips and videos to get you started.

You are going to LOVE the news today.

And speaking of love, I am overflowing with love for you today.

P.S. Hey, my big amazing event is coming up. I want you to be included. Be sure to click on the secret link on the right side, so that you can get in on it! It is the vault door on the right.

Plus…Looky here, a gift for you worth $834!  You need this. You want this. Learn More.    

Research Revelation
Rewire Your Brain
Brain PowerThe Proof
Our thoughts are things- you knew that right? It turns out that our thoughts result in brain growth in the areas of our brains that need to respond to help us improve our performance. A Wall Street Journal article explains how you can get better at something by only visualizing the activity, resulting in brain wiring (dendrites) and growing the part of your brain that will perform that function. (wendi just says, "duuuh")  That is why my golfers improve their game tremendously after hypnosis, and why body builders can lift more weight after visualizing the increased weight being lifted.

One of my young flute students (10 years old) was having great difficulty mastering the most basic skills. Then one morning she woke up after having a dream that she had played a song perfectly. She grabbed her flute and music book, turned to that page and played the piece perfectly. Her brain completed the wiring and perfected the skills in her dream even though she was not able to play the piece the day before.

One boy who played the sax had no rhythm. I made him a rhythm machine in his brain that kept time for him, and he was able to get down with his bad self. His rhythm became an internal mechanism that did the work for him.

Why are we able to make changes by only visualizing an activity? Because your subconscious mind does not know the difference between a real and an imagined event. Imagining, visualizing and hypnotizing your brain creates the SAME response as doing the actual activity. Physiological changes are made as wiring is being created along with growth of grey matter to support the new ability. Read the article.

There is a difference between the real activity and the hypnotic practice session. When you are doing the real activity, you are doing it RIGHT and WRONG. Every time you slice that golf ball, or miss that putt, you are also growing dendrites and grey matter that support that slice or missed putt.

Your brain doesn’t know which one is right or wrong.
It doesn’t care.
 It will increase the ability if you make it or miss.

So, the fastest improvement in any skill is going to be the repetition of doing it correctly, in your mind. You can certainly use hypnosis to speed up the process. Hypnotists have known this f o r e v e r, but now there are cat scans and MRI’s to show the actual physiological response to thought.  The "know stuff" part of your brain is gettin busy.

YouTube Video: Visualization

Life Recipe’s
Let’s cook up some Brains today!

Recipe #1: Getting rid of a bad habit.
  • Brain nutrition is a powerful way to stop cravings, mood swings, blood sugar lows, and impulsive behavior. Check it out- Omega 3s, Super foods, and protein are going to help your brain to feel good and give you impulse control.
  • Find the confidence to be a stronger person with the right boundaries, core confidence and beliefs, and the inner strength to know yourself. Confidence is created from core beliefs, and if you are drawing on negative beliefs (I am no good, I can’t do anything right, nobody likes me) your entire existing is going to suck hard because the only outcome will be a result of those core beliefs. Make sense? Meditate on your core beliefs and get the truth about who you are.

Recipe #2: Be Insanely Creative
  • Get out of your rut by changing your environment. Being stuck and uncreative is the result of having the same exact conditions around you that cause your brain to do the exact same thing it does in those conditions.
  • Stimulate your brain- put on loud music, stand up and dance, sing, or twirl. Anything that moves oxygen to your brain and totally changes your chemical state will make you more creative.
  • Get into trance and imagine you are popping yourself into someone else’s body and mind. See through their eyes and hear and feel through their body. Then see how they would creatively solve the problem!

Recipe #3: Getting unStupid
  • We all have times where we feel unresourceful and don’t know which way to go or where to turn. We ask our friends for advice. We search the internet for answers. We get depressed. To get unstupified I suggest you go inside yourself for the answer. Stop looking outside yourself, you have more wisdom that you could imagine, if you look within.
  • Create a hypnotic scenario with 3 doors. Relax, close your eyes, float into the velvety darkness and imagine 3 doors. Go up to each one and the one that feels just right- just go on in! Behind that door is the answer that is best for you. Trust me, do this right and it will blow you away!

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Illumination for the Soul
Quote "The third-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the majority. The second-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the minority. The first-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking."
–A. A. Milne (1882 – 1956)
What’s in Store
Stay tuned, there’s more to come.
HappinessWow!  I’ve have been hard at work to bring you great solutions for some challanges you may be having.  There are so many surprises in store, but I can’t say too much–good things come to those who wait.  Stay tuned for the next issue of Wend’s Pulse to learn more.
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