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Brain Facts and Research
When Your Smiling…

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The research out of Amsterdam says that when you are looking at a smile or even just reading the word "smile" your face activates muscles to respond with a smile. When the verbs are used, in written form they create a response that makes the brain try to match the word. Smile, laugh, giggle, grin… feel it?
This is great news, especially if you want to learn how to use language to affect your readers.

Smile, laugh, grin, be happy! Those words you read really will affect the message that your brain sends to your body.

Read the article here.

UCLA scientists discovered that that cortisol, the stress hormone, actually might make you more susceptible to illness. The telomeres are to blame, and the longer you are subjected to stress the more suppressed your immune cells become.

If the cortisol is present for a long period of time it wears down the immune system.

Read the article here

Interesting as well is the research from Ronald Glasser at Ohio State University, that shows that chronic stress and psychological stress can slow down wound healing, and even impair the effectiveness of vaccines.

And there is a magnificent list of positive psychology research that shows the clear connection between our attitude and our ability to fight off disease, viruses and bacteria.

Next time you hear someone say "I never get sick" you might want to believe them. And try it yourself! If your immune system is really affected so directly by just the choice of a positive thought or image, maybe you want to put on a happy face!

Here is a long list of Happiness and Positive Psychology articles.
Let’s get cracking! We have smiles to produce.
Article list here

Hypnotizing the Unborn

Can Babies be Happy before they are born?

This is interesting for several reasons.  This article states:
Mothers who are overly anxious during their pregnancies may be unintentionally "programming" their babies for behavioral problems later on. According to researchers from Belgium who studied around 70 mothers and their first-born children, anxiety during pregnancy can have a worse effect on a child’s eventual behavior than maternal smoking, low birth weight, or other factors typically associated with problem behavior in kids.  Read the rest of the Article

Being Happy and having a positive attitude will take a little effort on your part. The same way you can fall into a habit of being negative, you can also fall into a habit of being positive.

So I give to you with a happy heart, a smiling mind and a positive attitude… your key to happiness.

1- How to get your smiley face on.

Happiness 101 (Yes, this is the program that cured a woman’s 8 years of Agoraphobia in 4 days) See it

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2- How to start each day feeling like your face will break because you are so happy
Wake Up Happy (Do this every morning when you first wake up, 8 ways to experience this, take a look) See it

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This CD set will give you 8 different experiences to wake up to. The effects are amazing.

"Since I’ve been using Wake Up Energized and Alert, I get up, get moving and I get out the door with a purpose. My co-workers have remarked that my attitude is much better.

This program just may have saved my job!
I’m starting this week with Accomplishment and Focus.
I’ve already gotten a big start on a task that I had put off for months. Wake Up Happy is one of Wendi’s very best programs!"

Konnie Sanders-Smith

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Illumination for the Soul
Quote"A moment in the morning spent talking to your soul will affect every thought you think. Create a thoughtful start to your day and live each moment on purpose. "
 If you change the way you look at things, the   
 things you look at change. –Wayne Dyer
I have a smile comin atcha
Since we know how important it is to create good thoughts, here is your challenge-
HappinessDo you remember when people started saying "Have a nice day" and how novel that was? Suddenly everyone was saying it and it was so strange and wonderful.

Today- if someone asks how you are doing, say "Fantastic" (with great enthusiasm).

It will change YOU instantly and will give them a lift.
Are you in? Try it at least three times today. It feels great.
And by the way… have a nice day!

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