I might have just shot myself in the foot

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relaxHave I done too much? Do I go to co-dependents anonymous?      
If you want to get infused with the Best Mind Ever, and deal with my codependency issues together,
it’s your lucky day.
Did you miss the Final Friday show on Wealth Week?, 
It was a manifesting dream!

Manifesting Final Show on Wealth Week, hear the replay
Listen to the audio MP3 version here. (my apologies for the quality of the recording)

Should I stop trying to fix you?
(or… Your Best Mind Ever)

The shooting of the foot 
The best thing I will ever do for you


Ouch, the foot.

I’ve wrestled with this.
I want to give you a spectacular member site for a while, and every time I sit down to map it out, it gets a little out of control.

I like to give.
I love seeing all the big changes that you are all making.

So, I keep putting so much into the member site, that it gets quite complex.

And, from my end, I keep realizing that I am probably shooting myself in the foot.

What do I mean?

When you join, you may never need to buy anything from me again.

Since I will be sending you FOUR full length sessions EACH WEEK (16 a month) you probably won’t need to look for any other self help, hypnosis, NLP, or mind changing strategies anywhere else.

And since I am offering this for just $29 a month, I have realized that it might take a big chunk out of my regular business.

But, and it is the biggest but I have offered- I realize that for some people times are tough and you want help, but you cannot buy a CD program for every problem.

And I thought- if all those people who cannot afford to find help, cannot go to see a therapist, no longer have health insurance, can’t find a way to creatively make money, or can’t stop their addiction, they just give up or get more depressed.

My work has made such huge changes for people who are completely lost and hopeless.

And my work has elevated people who are on top of their game and want to become much more successful.

(Here comes the codependency part)
Game on! I am going for it.

To make my work as affordable to everyone as possible, I am going to give you a most amazing member opportunity to have the Best Mind Ever!

(I am ready to hatch my really big plan)
You Get- Over $1000 a month of Mind Altering hypnosis programs each month!

Videos- instant sessions to fix what ails you
Hypnosis training- learn self hypnosis
Therapist resources- strategies for your clients
Hypnosis scripts- 100s of them
MP3 downloads- 4 full length sessions each week

Yea, I am almost positive
you are going to love this.

Membership opens to the public on September 1. And the site goes live for you on September 1.

If you are reading this:
YOU are a newsletter subscriber.

YOU can join today, and get a
Bonus Giftn MP4 player as my gift to you, with over 300 bucks worth of hypnosis sessions loaded on it.

MP4 content(I have only 110 of these MP4 players left, so the first 110 people will get one as an early sign up bonus. After that I will still have a nice bonus, but without the MP4 player)



(See, I just keep giving, my bad)

And for YOU, my newsletter subscribers-
Your FIRST MONTH is just FREE, just spectacularly, unbelievably, not a cent to pay for a month, yours to have just for being you.

You have until August 30th to join me with the sign up bonus and the first month free.
And, remember,the MP4 player for the first 110 members.
Free shipping directly to you!

(OK, maybe I don’t need a support group, just a hug?)
It’s a deeper kind of love.

Look at what you will receive—



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.Wendi Friesen

Members totally rock. Best Mind Ever, coming up!
Let’s change everything.
Loving you so much now,

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Wendi Friesen
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First 110 members get an MP4 player.

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