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Let’s test your brain, and see if you measure up.

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Back in School not so cool. Let’s fix it.

AppleI have a test for you to take. It will show you how you can improve your brain function after just a short hypnosis session. As you know, when we are tested we get stressed. And when we get stressed our brain doesn’t know how to get to the information we need. Then we get even more stressed because we can’t remember stuff and our brain freaks out and a pretty strong case of test anxiety is created.

Every person I have worked with for text anxiety has experienced an amazing improvement in their ability to have instant recall.
You just need a little change in the state that will not start the stress cycle.

The color test below will show you a score after you take it the first time. Next you will listen to the short hypnosis session that will get you focused.
Take the test again, and notice your score.
I bet you will be impressed with your mighty brain.

There is a great quick fix I have for you. It is a multi session Pocket Therapist package that you can download.

I reduced it from $29 to only $7, so everyone can use this brainy session.

While you are at it, get the Brain Booster.

Also a Pocket Therapist session, regularly $29, only $7 and you will expand in ways you never thought possible.
Check it out, such a cool way to engorge your brain. (Engorge is such a great word, way too underused)

Scroll way down for link to purchase these two awesome downloads.

Enjoy! Let’s get started.

I love you,

signature wendi

Wendi Friesen

PS- Let me know how your score changes on that test.
Your Brain on Hypnosis
You know… your brain could probably use a little spit shine… be a little sharper, faster, and probably do a better job of figuring out things… If only there was a hypnotist who could help.  Hmm, I choose ME!
Let’s find out just how smart you are.

Color Wheel1. You are going to take a quick test by going here. It only takes a minute.  http://www.njagyouth.org/colortest.swf 

2. Look at your score.

3. Now, listen to this quick, 3 minute hypnosis session

4. Take the test again.  What is your score now?
Better? I thought so. That’s how smart you really are.

Being in the right mindset to learn, study or take tests is the most critical aspect of learning. It takes only a few seconds, and for those with test anxiety, those few seconds are the most valuable of all.

Back to School

Many people know the material, have studied diligently, but they approach a test with an attitude that they are going to self destruct.

If you have test anxiety, think about what you are telling yourself right before you take the test.

Do you reinforce your problem by telling your friends,  "I have such bad test anxiety, I always freeze up" or "As soon as I start the test, I forget everything I know". (and then your friends give you all kinds of sympathy and attention for this, which only makes things worse)

Just stop it! You are smarter than that!
After all, you did all that studying and preparing and now you are willing to hypnotize yourself to get the exact results you are looking for:
to freeze, forget, and fail.

I was just interviewing a man who told me that when he was a teenager, he used some hypnosis tapes that his mom had, and he started getting straight As in his classes.

Hypnosis seems to work so well, I just wish I could get into the schools and mold those young, eager minds. Hee hee!

StopTo end test anxiety, you first need to STOP setting yourself up for failure. If you are indeed telling yourself and others how bad you do on tests, just stop stop stop!

Relax, Breathe, and do what I say. ;) (I like it that way)

Let’s create an anchor for test triumph. (see, you can’t even call it test anxiety)

  • Step 1: Close your eyes, find your most peaceful place. Feel comfort in your mind and body.
  • Step 2: Imagine yourself floating in a bubble of light where nothing can bother you, you feel blissful and wise.
  • Step 3: Float over to a room where you imagine you can see yourself taking a test. This is your amazing future self who loves taking tests, has the answers, is relaxed and feeling swell.
  • Step 4: Float down closer, and observe your future self smiling and happy and oh so wise. Be sure to savor the sense of relief and joy as you notice yourself instantly knowing every answer.
  • Step 5: Snap yourself into the body of your future self. Feel your mind sink right into this reality.
  • Step 6: Create an anchor. Touch your pencil eraser and tell yourself this, outloud. "I am relaxed and excited about this test. The answers come to me easily". Every time you touch the eraser, let your shoulders drop and relax deeper. You need to have an actual eraser handy so you can set this kinesthetic anchor while you are in your hypnotic state.
  • Step 7: Use the anchor (the eraser or whatever anchor you choose) and the phrase before you study, and when you take the test. Frequently say to yourself, "I am relaxed and wise, I enjoy taking tests" or something to that effect.
Back To SchoolIf you think you have ADD and you can’t stay focused, well, guess what?
You can stay focused.
It is all a matter of creating a state of mind where you are in the groove.

Get the SPEED READ/SPELL WELL CD for your kids or for you.
There are sessions for kids and for adults and it will make you focus, be a great speller and read faster.

And it will help you remember what you read! Will that make you smile? I thought so!

Kari got in the groove with the Speed Read/Spell Well CD. She said:


After listening I decided to read & put it to the test…so I read the book you recommended by Joe Vitale "The Attractor Factor" (great book by the way).

I listened to the CD at about 11:20 pm here it is 4:00am and I just stopped reading could have kept going, but need to call it a night.  OH MY GOSH! WOW! 4 hours!
I never read for that long straight. Usually I’ll get through about 4 pages…and get distracted, or figure I should be doing something else. I am floored at the difference just listening to those 2 tracks made. I could concentrate on what I was reading and my eyes didn’t hurt. 4 hours of reading…that’s truly amazing. ( And the time flew by, didn’t even realize it, was absorbed in the book, it was actually fun… for me, that’s a big change). So I wanted to let you know and again say Thank You.

Thanks Much,

You can end your test anxiety. If you need help you can get the Speed Read CD and the two Pocket Therapist program to put on your Ipod. 


Just get our SPEED READ / SPELL WELL for 49.00 and you will be a whiz at school… which is right around the corner.
Use the coupon WHIZ and I will throw in the Creative Genius CD for free, with anything you order over $20.

Now you will no longer be nervous, boring, uninspired or feel insecure. And that is all anyone can ask, really. Really.

when you buy anything over $20 today!

Use Coupon Code WHIZ

Speed Read, Spell Well!
Speed Read, Spell Well!Teach your brain to spell as a visual process.  Become a faster reader by letting go of the auditory track in your brain that slows you down.  Use this CD to become faster, more focused and more relaxed when you study, take tests or simply sit down to read a book. Learn more!

Do It Now! End Procrastination
Do It Now!What if you could SNAP your fingers and become one of those people who love the thrill of getting things done.  Your ability to end procrastination depends on several factors. I think I have a solid system that will help you blast through these changes in a way that makes sense. Learn more!

Confidence Power Pack
Confidence Power PackThis package has some very intriguing and life changing hypnosis sessions that will help you stop being shy and uncomfortable and begin to feel that you can light up a room, be spontaneous and interesting. Learn more!
Illumination for the Soul
Quote "The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think, than what to think – rather to improve our minds, so as to enable us to think for ourselves, than to load the memory with thoughts of other men."
–Bill Beattie

I like this quote, but I have to admit I often feel my memory is full of thoughts of other men. He says it like it’s a bad thing. –Wendi
Another Reason to Smile!

First Month Is Free—-
If you are young or old, your brain keeps growing and changing. It is never too late to expand the ability of your brain. What you
Happinessus on does expand because your brain actually continues to grow all your life… and it grows to support the new thoughts or skills. Good news, eh?
If you become a member of PlanetWendi you will get mind expanding sessions each week.
Take a peek.

wendi bright Remember, I love you,
Wendi Friesen

wendi ocean
Wendi Friesen, CHT
I took off on my kayak to find blue whales. I went 1.5 miles out into the open ocean. Guess what I found?
Here is the video of me in my Kayak with big ass whales.
And hear the Audio I made with my Iphone while bobbing about in that big ocean.
Video- me, kayak, big ass whales.

Be sure to listen to them both.
Audio 1
Audio 2

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2 Responses to “Take a test”
  1. sara says:

    Hi Wendi. You have a great site to visit, and I love the cd’s I’ve purchased. I have one question though: you’ve mentioned a man (doctor, perhaps?) whose name I’ve seen before attached to the concept that we must heal our emotions first as a part of healing ourselves physically. Can you please give me his name again, I’d like to learn more. Keep up the cool and insightful work, Woman!

    • wendi says:

      I am not sure who it is, where did I mention him?
      Choose among these-
      Joe Dispenza
      Candice Pert
      Emotional Intelligence (not sure of author name)

      That might not be who you are asking about, but let me know where I mentioned it and I will see if I know who it is.

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