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It’s Golden Ticket Time! Open now, 24 hours of fun!

Bonus Gift
The Golden Ticket extravaganza is on!

3 days of prizes and amazing deals.
I’ve got some deals that are doozies, prizes that are perfect along with thrills and chills.

Day 1- Get your groove back. The sensual side of your life is going to light up.

Day 2- Be healthy, thin, full of energy and feel renewed.

Day 3- Be a more powerful presence, persuasive and in control.

Let’s get started.
Alcohol Freedom    Zen of Thin    Body Mastery
What’s a Golden Ticket?

Remember Willy Wonka and the candy bar and the golden ticket?
It’s like that.

goldenticket-lissa copy.pngFor the next three days,
every 7th box
that Bryan and Melissa fill will contain a golden ticket.
The prize on the ticket is YOURS!

Not only can you win some very sweet prizes, but you get these ONE DAY DEALS to choose from.

Melissa is ready to put it in your box. "Wow, that thing really glows!" – Melissa

Day 1
- Sexylicious time. All the sensual hypnotic arts you can handle.

Day 2- Healthy, lean, energized and renewed.

Day 3- Your power is imminent. Get a grip. I will show you how.

Today is DAY 1- You have 24 hours to grab these deals.

When you open  your box, your Golden ticket might one of these- win one of over 50 prizes!

4 tickets good for ONE private phone session with Wendi
4 tickets for a personalized CD session made by me for you!
2 Marketing brainstorm phone session with Wendi
6 tickets with a $100 gift certificate
2 tickets for a free School Of Hypnosis course ($400 value)
6 tickets for the Body Mastery program online ($150 value)
10 MP4 players, loaded with hypnotic programs ( over $300 value)
5 memberships for 3 months to PlanetWendi ($280 value)

And This–>  certificates for prizes from people that I love:

1 An Audio Commercial, produced and ready.
AND a 1 hour Marketing session with Tim Burt! Check it out
$1000 value!
2 Hypnosis for a Healthy Lifestyle  From Brandon May-
value $39.95
3 Phone coaching session- "How To Win A Fight With Your Partner" from Mona Grayson,
a $150 value
4Hypnotic Audio from Maggie! Make the hard things seem EASY just by changing your MIND with
Easy Does It Now Audio

What can I order today to get my
Golden Ticket?

Hot deals today.
All about you when the lights are out and the music is playing and your body is tingling.

24 hour hot deals—

60% off any of these
CD programs and DVDs!

—All you have to do is enter the coupon code "Tingly" when asked! Its that easy!—-

HOLY COW, get busy.
You can choose Shipping $4.50 anywhere in the world. Or get UPS fastness for a little more.

dreamgasmSensual Pleasures (make the ladies squirm)-
yes I want it 60% off

dreamgasmMojo Mega DVD- yes I want it 60% off

dreamgasmBig O DVD- yes I want it 60% off

dreamgasmYes, Yes, Yesss- yes I want it 60% off

dreamgasmSensual Woman-  yes I want it 60% off

dreamgasmLiving Large (for the men who want more)-  yes I want it 60% off

dreamgasmBreast Enlargement-  yes I want it 60% off

dreamgasmHappy in Love- Relationship Repair- yes I want it 60% off

dreamgasmGetting Over the Loss of a Love-  yes I want it 60% off

Coupon Code for 60% off is TINGLY

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Another Reason to Smile!
Need a bigger package?
Try this, it is sure to put a smile on your face..

You get all 10 of these, a $309 value.
78% off for the package.

60daypicSexual healing
Simply charming
You sexy thing
Karma of Kindness
Remote seduction
Ultimate orgasm/Dreamgasm
Big flirt/Magic touch
Secret Fantasy
How do I love thee/Intuitive connection
Remote influence

Only $69, that is a mighty big discount! Save $240!
Gimme this package now!
ONLY 30 of these packages are available. Get yours now.
NO COUPON needed for this package.

You save 60% or more.
A golden ticket is put into every 7th box.
You win cool things and feel great.

wendi bright

Remember, I love you,
Wendi Friesen

wendi ocean
Wendi Friesen, CHT
This Golden Ticket promotion is really fun for me, because I get to do some private sessions with some of you! I am very excited. Hope to talk with you soon!
Connect with Wendi
Secret Project
Secret Project
Get your Golden ticket!
24 hour Hot Deals for 3 days.
60% off!
Just enter the coupon code "
(Package deal does NOT need the coupon)

if you want to combine your orders for the three days, just mention it in the comments. Bryan and Melissa will put them all together and only charge you once for shipping.
NO other coupons or offers of any kind will be accepted for this promotion.
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