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relaxIt’s Thinking Thursday On Planet Wendi!!
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Studying For A Test?
Twiddle your thumbs
Take a Nap
Get into trance

wendi nap
Watch the very glamorous (drooling included)
power nap video now.
It’s free, dontcha know!
Watch Now.

When you study, what your brain needs most is a great method to store the information. In our multi-tasking lives we are forcing our brain to perform too many unrelated tasks, and then we THINK we have ADD (attention deficit disorder) and insist that we cannot focus.

A good thumb twiddling is the answer!
It doesn’t actually matter if you are twidding, snoozing, or trancing. The important aspect of improving your retention in what you learn is based on the absorption of the information without distractions.

Hence the twiddling! If you stop, close your eyes and twiddle your thumbs, it shuts out all the distractions and allows your brain to store the info in a handy and convenient place.

Study a specific topic.
Stop and relax.
Take a minute or two to breathe and relax and close your eyes.
Make a visual anchor that represents the place you are storing it in your brain. (like a key, or a light bulb or an icon that represents the type of topic you studied)
Recall the information by remembering the visual cue (like an icon or folder on your computer) and using your amazing brain to be a smart cookie!
Stop MultiTasking and start Napping!
Here is a quickie that will teach you how to Power Nap like a cat in the sun.

cat nap 

This is my kitten. He loves to sleep on his back in the sun. He inspires me to continue my pursuit of the perfect nap.

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No matter what you are studying, you need a powerful state of focus if you are planning on remembering it.

I don’t believe that people have ADD. You are actually just distracted by trying to multi task. There are too many intrusions in your day and your brain actually learns to be scattered and frazzled.

Research has shown that we are NOT meant to multi-task. It makes sense, of course, that if you keep shifting gears your brain will get confused in it’s attempt to store information. Our brains just need a tool that helps to store and recall the information. Taking a power nap after studying a small segment (even just 1 or 2 minutes) will do the job. 
Watch the Power Nap Video now.
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Stay tuned!

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