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8 more hours for Purple Friday sale (on Monday). Starts now. Quit yer whining.
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Alcohol Freedom    Zen of Thin    Body Mastery
1. Sale extended for 8 hours, starts now.

2. Starts now. Go.

I hear you!

Some of you were not able to check your email from Friday and you missed the sale.
And wow, am I hearing from all of you today!

I got ya covered.
8 more hours today.

Starts NOW!
8 hours from the time stamp on this email. (not from the time you read it)

40% off everything that is a CD or DVD.
Use coupon PURPLEFRI

60% off all downloads.
Use coupon PURPDOWN

These coupons ONLY work at this shopping cart.
If you arrive at any other cart, you will not get a discount.

BUY from this link:

No adjustments on previous purchases.
The One Year money back guarantee is, as usual, on everything I create.

Go get ‘em!

Love to you!


(yes I think it is amusing that I am trying to sell you something to make you stop shopping. Deal with it)

Shopping Addiction? Help is here
This will make the holidays a peaceful and pleasant time. Stop your shopping addiction with hypnosis.

If you feel pressured by the media and need to buy more and more, it is possible to feel good when you are out at the stores and not need to buy more.

JUST SAY NO is a life saver if you have ever felt a need to make purchases just to feel happy, complete or to try to combat depression.

Think about it. This might be just what you need.
JUST SAY NO- see it here.

wendi bright  
A really great gift for the soul, is my
Ho’Oponopono CD.

It might be the most healing, nourishing, love filled gift you can give.

I use the four phrases of the Ho’oponopono ritual and take you into them, allowing you to experience deep healing, forgiveness, love and immense gratitude.

You can see it here-
Get the CD for a friend you love, here.

Or download it.
If you need some love and a deep renewal,
download it here.

Remember, I love you,
Wendi Friesen

40% off CDs and DVDs

60% off Downloads

ONLY at this online store-

wendi ocean
Wendi Friesen, CHT
Yesterday I went sailing in the ocean. Luckily it was a big boat with 6 men on the job. We hit a sudden big squall, with 30 mph winds sending water over the bow and creating quite a bit of excitement as they wrestled the sails down in such high wind. Having a lot of experienced sailors on board who knew exactly what to do to keep us upright.

Hey, did you see the NEW Inspired Intuition program? Someone might like to get that in their stocking!

If you need gift shopping help, try this:

Go here and type in a problem and find a solution!

This will make a wonderful, lasting gift for someone you care about.

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