Change Your Luck

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Become Luckier and Happier, you really can change your luck!

It is your Lucky Day!

Is it possible to change your luck?

Is luck all in our perception of how we see the world?
Do we attract bad luck if we believe we have bad luck?

If you have had a bad streak and are feeling unlucky, this might just change your expectations. Nothing good is going to happen if you truly believe you have bad luck. The world around you- the people, events, opportunities- it’s all shaped in a way that fits your expectations. Have you ever met someone who has really good luck? Why do they consistently have good things happen to them? It might just be that in the deepest part of their mind they feel that they are a very fortunate person. Face it. Other people can sense your confidence, your worthiness, your expectations. And they will treat you differently based on all the information you give them consciously and unconsciously. And the information you give them is based on your own core beliefs. If you believe you are unlucky, others will pick that up and they will not offer you the opportunities and ventures and invitations that could lead to something great. It is hard to know why good luck extends to random events and impossible to know why random lucky events keep happening to only certain people. But,  just in case there is a way to create good luck, you might as well give yourself the edge! This is what happened for one of my clients who decided to change her luck. ~~~~~~~~~~ Wendi, I have been listening to LUCKY YOU once a week and I believe it works. You have opened my eyes to see that luck is there all the time. You just need to know how to recognize it. Instead of wishing to be lucky, I can spot opportunities that turn into lucky experiences. I accept luck as it comes my way. I have been lucky with lottery tickets and finding someone to buy my car after six months of no activity. I have had consistent wins playing video poker where I would occasionally win. I refinanced my condo and I was surprised when I received money back almost equal to twice my monthly payment. Even though these are not spectacular, I have learned to accept these as lucky experiences. People are saying “you are so lucky” and I am smiling. I did some research and I found this article about luck. Luck Factor.pdf The findings follow what you say on the LUCKY YOU Cd. There is a quote that is highlighted in the article that sums it up. “Lucky people generate their own good fortune via four basic principles. They are skilled at creating and noticing chance opportunities, make lucky decisions by listening to their intuition, create self-fulfilling prophesies via positive expectations, and adopt a resilient attitude that transforms bad luck into good” My luckiest experience was to find your web site. Wendi, you are so gifted to come up with such fantastic programs. Every session has enhanced my life. You have eased my fears, cleared my head, and you awakened the hidden abilities that I did not know I had. Thank you for your fine work. Ed S. ~~~~~~~~~~ Get this amazing CD for only $7, download it now zLkYu-CD1-2T I am willing to help you make it happen. The CD sells for $29. However, if you use the coupon LUCKYME and choose to download the session you can have it for only $7. That’s right— only $7. Crazy? Yup. But tough times call for extreme measures. USE coupon code LUCKYME

Two more things that you might like— also at $7 for a short time.

zFDDRM-CD1-2T Find Your Dream,   Regular $29 — Get this amazing CD for only $7, download it now
Problem Solver,   Regular $29 — Get this amazing CD for only $7, download now I guarantee you, your life will change. All you have to do, is close your eyes and listen. ~~~~~~~
  • Positive RatingPositive RatingPositive RatingPositive RatingPositive Rating Lucky YouWendi,How do I begin to thank you. I have listened to Lucky You 3 times now and in the first week I have noticed things are just working out. Money matters are better and I was offered a job that I cant wait to start. WOW… whatever is in this CD – Works! I feel so bright eyed and bushy tailed. My kids think I am on an anti-depressant and I take no prescriptions. Ha.Thank you so much, L
  • Positive RatingPositive RatingPositive RatingPositive RatingPositive Rating Highly Recommended From Lizzie Jackson of Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
  • I found this programe amazingly relaxing. Ive changed my mind about luck I am a lucky person, I believe in myself now where as before I didn’t. Im finding being on time, finding bargins, finding music Id forgotten about lucky and so on. You really have got to try it for yourself. I love it!!!
~~~~~~~ I love you, IMG_0909
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11 Responses to “Change Your Luck”
  1. mark paone says:

    hoping for a lucky you 2 first one has been good but i played it so many times that im ready for some new material! or maybe a law of attraction cd yes!!! thank you so much mark

  2. Edie Suddath says:

    Wendi, I was SO looking forward to listening to the “Change Your Luck” video, but after 32 seconds, it stopped. I tried refreshing the page, etc., but I still can’t access it! Is anyone else having these problems?
    Love you, girl!!

  3. Kathryn Stubbs says:

    I purchased the 3 downloads yesterday…lucky you, find your dream and problem solver but cannot find where to download them. Can you help me with that please?

    Thanks, Kathy Stubbs

  4. Bailey says:

    Hi Helen,
    have you tried eating raw food? As in the diet? I’m not advocating here and I’m not a bot, but of all the diets I’ve heard that can HEAL your body instead of starving it is a raw food diet. Instead of killing enzemyes like cooked food does, the enzemyes are the part of food that are good for us, raw food keeps them in tact.

    Wendi if this post isn’t allowed, please delete it.


    • wendi says:

      Bailey, THis post is very welcome. And you are giving some great wisdom. Raw food diet is the bomb and will make you very healthy! Love David Wolfe and all his raw foodie teachings. I try to eat mostly raw, and try to focus on alkalinity.
      Cancer thrives in an acidic body, dies in alkaline body. First thing to change is your diet. Green raw things are alkaline. Lemons, limes, grapefruits are alkalinizers. Sugar, meats and dairy are all acidic. That is the short lesson for everyone. Enjoy. Feel free to post more about this Bailey! Love you!


  5. Helen says:


    Have your cds and love them.
    Have been diagnosed with breast cancer recently.
    Any support CDs for healing and peace during this stressful time. (Fear and anger seem to dominate/want to boost not decline my immune system)


    • wendi says:

      Hi Helen,

      Very sorry to hear about your breast cancer. The CD set that is called Body Mastery is a really good program that takes you through many aspects of healing, being positive, looking for issues to release and creating the most healthy conditions in your mind, body and spirit.
      I think that would be the best place to start. There is an online version that has a video every day, then the hypnosis session as well. Here is a link for you.

      There is a video to watch at that link. It may help you out!


    • wendi says:

      Helen, check out Bailey’s info about raw food diet. It is very powerful in fighting cancer.

  6. Jen says:

    Thanks for the trance, I wonder what great things are going to happen tomorrow… the link to the CD doesn’t work yet.

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