Cure for Premature Ejaculation

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wendiIt is a delicate subject, but if you are a man
who needs this
you will be very grateful

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(This is a delicate subject for Men and the women who love them, I will attempt to address it with the highest level of respect. No funny business today)

"Wendi, you saved my marriage…"
(the testimonials for this program are stunning)

You are not alone…

Can this problem in bed really end a marriage?

In Control for Men
Watch the video

FREE Hypnosis Session to end your prematureness!
Watch the first video, then go to Part 2 for the five minute hypnosis session.

There is a problem that many men have and it is very hard to talk about. It is very uncomfortable for women to talk about and can cause a woman to hide her true feelings.

I have just finished a powerful new program called
In Control- For Men.

It is the help you need to make you last longer.

If you are a man who is struggling with this problem, you know how frustrating it can be.

And you know it is all in your mind.
It may be happening to you because of the fear of not being able to last long enough.

If you have a persistent and unstoppable fear of this happening, your brain will only continue to produce the same results.

After all the anxiety and worry you might have given up.
You know that the inability to get control is perplexing,  it might be that your brain has no other resources but to let the dam burst before it’s time.

You know what I am talking about yet?

It is a serious subject.
Relationships are ruined because of it.
Men feel powerless to make it stop.

One man who used my program said that I saved his marriage!

Another man told me that in just 3 days of listening he went from 1 1/2 minutes, to 1 1/2 hours.

Enough said- I made a video that has a hypnosis session in it, and you will get a taste of what you can expect when you start using my hypnosis program that will put you in control.

In Control- For Men.

In Control for Men

Watch the video.

It is for Adults Only.
Seriously, if you are not an adult, this is totally something you don’t need to watch. Go read a nice book.


FREE Hypnosis Session to end your prematureness!
Watch the first video, then go to Part 2 for the five minute hypnosis session.

wendi bright And if you think I am leaving out the ladies, take a look below. Got something special for you!

Remember, I love you,
Wendi Friesen

PS- Men, remember to watch both videos, part 1 and part 2. I will hypnotize you!

Wendi Friesen, CHT
For years, the Stay Hard program has been my most popular program. Why?
Because it gets results. And it make life a lot more fun in bed!

I made a new program that is bigger and better and chock full of what you need to last longer.

Please enjoy the hypnosis session as many times as you like. It is yours, no charge.

COUPON- if you decide you want to buy the program, take $20 off and download it instantly.

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How about that! Tingling, pulsing, throbbing… all at half off TODAY.

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