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Open them Chakras, we have work to do 
relaxNeed to read some minds? I am ON it. logo
Holy Crap! The Inspired Intuition Program is here, hot deal today!
If only I could read minds, predict the future and bend people’s will.
If I had a nickle for every time I wished that. OK, well maybe you don’t need to bend too many people, but it sure would make life easier if we could sharpen up our intuition skills. Can I give you a challenge for the day? Listen to the Hypno Quickie session today, open your 3rd eye (my what?) and tell me if you sense a little difference in your perception of people or stuff around you. Today’s Video Hypno Quickie (It’s free, of course) is about your Intuition! Yea! You are going to open up, expand, enhance and illuminate that 3rd eye. Next you are going to email me to tell me what crazy things happened as a result of your new found psychic powers. You game? Let’s get started. intuition hypnosis video
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What’s in the Box today? 50-70% OFF All New, deeper, more powerful way to predict your future better than ever.
Inspired Intuition CDs Your mind may never be the same This program is going to: Cleanse your chakras Open your Mind’s Eye Look into the future Program your dreams and more! You get an amazing deal! (40% off today) AND—- A fat BONUS- $116 of bonus sessions (holy cow) AND 40% off  as an introduction for YOU! Use Coupon code PSI for discount Yes, take me to see this now, please.
Relax and let your higher self give you a little guidance. It doesn’t have to be a struggle. You can learn to trust your instincts. I love you, Wendi's Signatire Wendi Friesen
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Wendi I’ve had some amazing intuitive experiences in my life and I want you to have the chance to find out if you can become enhance your intuition. If your life has been busy and you are not taking time for spiritual growth, you will enjoy today’s hypno quikie. For some of you, the thought of Chakra Cleansing sounds a little nutty. But if you decide to try the new Inspired Intuition program you might have an eye opener when you do a chakra cleansing. It is very healing and uplifting. Let me know how you like it. If you do the free session for today, pay attention to what you feel and sense. Be aware of your thoughts. Take notes! This might be the start of something very good. You’ll be loving your 3rd eye in no time.
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