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smileyfaces Your brain learns more from success than from failure.
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There were monkeys involved…
This article in Scientific American shows how your brain learns more from the successful attempts than from the failures. Read the Article From that I made a Hypno-Quickie session to get you unstuck and anchor a positive and successful state of mind that you can access in just a few seconds. It is simple really, and it will only take 3 minutes. daydream Watch the video and join me in a 3 minute quickie. Here it is! And a spiffy offer that will make you jump up and down and say Yes Yes Yes! Smile!
wendi bright Remember, I love you,
Wendi Wendi Friesen PS- The special Wendi’s Box offer is a great one today. After you watch the video, check it out. There is something wonderful waiting for you. And 50% off. Holy Cow! Go see it now.

wendi ocean
Wendi Friesen, CHT
I’ve been stuck more times in my life than I care to count. How about you? If you have felt unable to move forward, or even make a small effort to change, what could be stopping you? We all want to feel good and yet when you are down, or stuck it seems almost impossible to get back on top again. First, you must get your brain out of the rut. You are stuck in a loop of despair and your brain doesn’t know how to jump that canyon over to the happy place. Today’s quickie might not solve all your problems, but it will give you a start and show you what you must do immediately if you want to feel better.
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