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HypnoQuickie Time!

Brains Learn More From Success than Failure

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An article in Scientific American says that our brains can achieve greater success at a task when we have a string of successes. This makes sense from a hypnosis perspective because you are engaging all the elements needed to continue the successful streak. In a test they did on monkeys, it showed that even if the monkey had previously solved the task successfully, if it had one failure, the next attempt was harder to complete successfully. See the Scientific American article here It’s short, read it. Then continue.

WATCH IN YOUTUBE if the video is not showing up. Here is a 3 minute trance session that will reinforce a successful behavior or skill, then anchor it in with an image. Think of something you would like to change or do better, perhaps something you have been struggling with. Give the task a specific beginning and end, like if you were hitting a baseball, or singing a song on stage, pick an important part of that task for this trance session. Have fun! I think you will like this and you will use it over and over for many things in your life. Remember, if you are feeling stuck in an area of your life, maybe your brain is just replaying that loop of failure. You can get unstuck pretty quick if you force your brain into a new state by doing a fast and powerful loop with an image that locks it in. If you enjoy these Hypno Quickies every day, tell a friend, and let them subscribe. It’s free, doncha know! I love you, Wendi


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