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I need your expert opinion

I don’t know what I was thinking.

I was just in a nutty mood and decided to do something totally different.

I was thinking about what those little voices in your head are saying.

And I was standing in front of the refrigerator at the time.
Staring at it.
Realized I was not hungry.
Just bored.

Been there?

And then I remembered that one of my customers wrote to me and asked me to make a CD that would help you to ONLY eat when you are hungry.

Immediately I went and sat down and recorded two sessions.

I am going to need your opinion on this.

I made these in a conversational hypnosis tone, and I am trying to replace the voices in your head with something much more helpful. Especially this time of year.

You listen to them. Close your eyes, keep them open- either way it’s fine.

Then tell me what happens next time you are thinking about snatching a "little something" from the fridge

Perpetual Piehole- is a session that will make you want to drink water, take a walk, get away from the fridge and only eat when you are hungry. Nice, huh? (my son Riley named that one)

Fire Your Fat- This one is asking your fat cells to SkeeDaddle! Will it work? You might feel a need to exercise like, well, a lot.

Download it now.
Try both sessions for 66% off!

Regular $29, for you only $9.90 for both.

Go here and download them.
Use coupon VOICES

TELL me, please, what you think, comment here

(should I never make anything like this again, or keep them coming?)

Love you,


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wendi bright
Hey I have a cool new video for you. how brain works
It is part One of Six parts, called How the Brain Works.
Watch it here

Remember, I love you,
Wendi Friesen

boat parade
Wendi Friesen, CHT

In my front yard, the Newport beach Harbor, there is a big boat parade that starts Wednesday and goes through Sunday. It is really beautiful. 100s of decorated boats ablaze with light.

This one floated in front of my house yesterday, guess he was practicing. I grabbed my camera and got a nice shot. I will shoot some video for you tomorrow night.

If you anywhere near Orange County, come to the harbor and see this amazing event.

Tomorrow is a BIG FAT SALE so be sure to check your email. I plan to make your holiday shopping finish (or get started) with a bang!

Hey, did you see the NEW Inspired Intuition program? Someone might like to get that in their stocking!

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5 Responses to “Stop Your Mindless Eating”
  1. pat thuman says:

    Hi Wendi! Yes, I enjoyed the tapes very much. There are a few “skips” in both recordings so I’m not sure why that happened. Anyway, I am playing them on my computer while working around the house and sometimes I have to laugh. They make so much sense, especially the boredom parts. I have purchased many programs from you since I found you in November (ahem, should I be purchasing the “shopping compulsion” tapes?)and these new ones are a light,refreshing difference and the double induction is great. I have downloaded your work to my ipod and listen all thru the day, and they surely have changed my life for the better, I am dropping the fat, stopped drinking liquor, started excercizing, drinking more water, eating healthier. I am becoming a positive person, treating myself better. THANKYOU FOR YOUR LIFE WORK! ps Do you hear your tapes working?

  2. Pie Hole? Seriously? I love it…
    You are a genius.
    Too many people get so caught up in making healthy eating such a serious thing which totally reinforces the diet and deprivation thinking which, as we know, leads to the yo-yo effect of weight going up and down, up and down…
    I always stress making lifestyle changes and nurturing yourself in the process. Who says losing weight has to be so painful and full of drama? The journey to your healthy ideal weight can be an uplifting experience that fills you with the positive energy you need to enjoy yourself when you arrive at your goal. Tapping into the power of your own mind puts you in charge of both your weight and your feelings. Feel wonderful and look wonderful! Way to go ;)

  3. Warren says:

    Wendi as a clinical hypnotherapist also, I think your doing amazing things~! Your scripts are the best!
    I know you work primarily without a script but if you had all your programs transcribed I would buy them all! lol
    I have already bought every script you have made available and have written your staff for more. Please think about it…

    • wendi says:

      The programs that I had transcribed into scripts were done by a staff member who typed really fast.
      You can also use a service to transcribe the ones you want and the edit them a bit.
      Which ones are you most interested in? I bet I could get them transcribed really fast for you.

  4. Trudy Jensen says:

    I like the idea that you’re addressing eating issues at this time of year. The Hunger Helper is a great tool especially for the holidays.

    What I’d like to see in the future is “Plateau Buster” and How To Get Your Mind To Discount Age And Gender In Weight Loss”. My Christmas wish is that this becomes the next in your series on eating!

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