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These feet need a new dance

These feet need a new dance

I am in a transition phase. Got an itch, must scratch. On my facebook profile I mentioned that I have a lot of frequent flier miles to use and asked for suggestions on where to go. I have had some really good proposals. The most recent, and the one that prompted me to expose my plan, is an invite to Borneo. It has to do with saving the Orangutans. There are people working to save the Orangutans and help to increase the tourism to support the wildlife and their culture. I’ve had offers to go to Germany, Ireland, Greece (this one is more than an offer, it is non-stop begging!), India, Borneo, Dubai, Alaska and a few others fascinating places in the world. My fans have the most fascinating lives all over the world and I have reached the point where I am unable to resist your offers. Bonjour. (yes, I took french in high school) I’ve been hatching an idea that came up when I was in France a couple of years ago. I was driving on a winding road in a tiny town and stopped to ask directions at a little bakery. After some pointing and sign language I was on my way, but couldn’t shake the curiosity about the every day life of one woman who is making croissants every day in a little village in France. What would it be like to live someone’s life, not just visit, but life their life for a week or so? All over the world people do fascinating jobs, and find happiness in such unique ways. I think that moment started it all. We are all trying to be happy in our lives doing whatever it is we do. And what brings us real happiness? What makes you truly happy? Lets Monkey around You might feel that your life is ordinary and maybe even boring. But to someone else from another country or culture your life might be an adventure. And what if I could let all my beautiful friends and fans help me take a happiness tour around the world and share it with everyone. It might just change your mind about what you are doing and give you the courage you need to make a change in your life. Or it might just be mildly entertaining to watch me shovel elephant poop. (seriously, this place www.ElephantStay.com is on my list) The plan is in motion. The initial idea is to let you decide where I will go and what I will do in the pursuit of happiness.With so many different ways to live passionately, or just to do what you love to do no matter how simple it seems, there are lots of cool things that you can share with the world. What do you do that is unique? Why does it make you happy? How did you decide to live the life you are living? I want to find out, in person. No matter where you are in the world and no matter what you do, it might become one of my destinations. There is a little tech work to do. I need a website that lets people describe their life and the opportunity to come and live it. The site will need to let visitors vote on where they want me to go next, have the show videos of what makes your life so unique or simply happy. It needs a tracking map to show where I have been and where I am headed. If anyone wants to offer their tech services to create a site and maintain it, let me know right away. Thanks to Rick Butts for giving me a big push to make this project more than an idea. And thanks to all of you who just recently have made this an irresistible project. Leave your comments with ideas for this project. I am all in. :) Love you… and maybe soon will be on your doorstep. Where in the World is Wendi Better start packing!
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