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Wanna get your manifesting magic movin and groovin?
Bonus GiftWendi

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Starts soon, check it out. Dial in early to hold a line.
If I had a magic wand, I would give it to you.
This might just be the magic wand…

Joe Vitale said Wendi, I want you.
And I said, whatever it is the answer is Yes!

Turns out he wants to interview me about some serious manifesting strategies. So of course, if it is manifesting he wants, it is manifesting he gets.

I will give you the rock bottom, sure fire methods to make your wishes become reality.

Dreamers are cool.
They make life interesting.

But dreaming, wishing, verbalizing and visualizing may not be working.

Wanna know why?

5 pm pacific
7 pm central
8 pm eastern

The call-in number is 
(712) 432-0075

And the passcode to enter is 363919

Joe had 1000 people last week and maxed out the phone lines.

Be sure to set your alarm on your phone right NOW for 10 minutes before the hour.

Love to you!


wendi bright  

Got Cravings?
Can’t stop snacking?
Getting fatter and fatter?

I got yer back…

I have something new for you. I mentioned it on my Facebook page, and then I kept getting emails begging me to release it.

It is about hunger. I made it for people who are on a very low cal diet, (like HCG) so they would not have hunger or cravings.

It is pretty cool. After I made it around lunch time I felt so full the rest of the day I could hardly eat! And the full feeling continued into the next day.

The second session is to make you feel that your stomach has shrunk so you eat less. How cool is that.

Here is the link. Hope you love it as much as I do.

Hunger Blaster download

Hunger Blaster CD version

Remember, I love you,
Wendi Friesen

wendi ocean
Wendi Friesen, CHT
I met Joe over 10 years ago when he was standing at a table selling little tiny booklets and trying to get people interested in manifesting and stuff. Little did we know that our friendship would grow because we both have such a passion to help people learn to get out of their own way and sabotage every good thing that comes their way.

Now more than ever, you need this. Of course the call is free, just get in a few minutes early. Maybe Joe will tell us what he is currently manifesting.

I am always honored when he asks me to be interviewed. He only chooses people he believes in and I just dig the crap out of being interviewed about manifesting.

I love you guys! Catch you in a little while.

Love you…


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