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Is it hard to learn Instant Rapport? Keith asked, I made you a video Bonus GiftWendi

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A little bit of boulder over my shoulder, some handy NLP rapport tips and a super awesome you.
I was so blown away by the final arrival in Boulder, Colorado and the finding of a house and the unpacking of the stuff (which i did in  1.5 days) that I just had to make this sign and put it on my wall. congratulations sign I know it seems silly to some of you, but it was really comforting to make it and see it every day. Moving is always a bigger job than you expect. But I finally reached the point where I looked around and realized that the hard stuff was done. Time to hit the town! Leaving the OC (orange county) means leaving the ocean for now, but also means clean air here in the mountains, sparkling blue sky and super clean water. I am getting my drinking water from a local glacier, which I am told is one of the best sources for water. Delicious! In the 3 years I lived in Newport Beach, I was always concerned about the air quality (the jets flew right over my house) and the water that seemed chunky on most days. I definitely feel a difference. creek This creek is by my house. How cool are these rock towers! I bought rafting tubes so I can float down one of the best tubing creeks around. However, the water is a bit on the chilly side. Who Knew? Keith had a question- He asked me this question about his NLP training and trying to do rapport exercises. If you need a brush up, explanation or just want to see the cool mountains over my shoulder, watch the video. It won’t hurt a bit. Watch the Video here
Watch The Video, clickety now!
rapport video
Next, get these instant downloads for only $7 each. It is a spiffy bunch of rapport building sessions that make it possible to NOT have to master the instant rapport skills of matching and mirroring, instead getting the connection from the inside. Make it natural! Be sincere! Feel the magic of real connection and intuitive rapport. Here’s the deal. I just rarely offer anything at this price, but since they are downloads, and all this fresh mountain air is going to my head, you win! I will make them available until Friday Midnight. COUPON CODE is RAPPORT DOWNLOAD these instantly- a $145 value ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mind to Mind communication $7 learn more Remote Influence $7                  learn more Body Language $7                     learn more Sphere of Influence $7               learn more Bullet Proof $7                            learn more ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Get all 5 of these, a $145 value only $29 ! Holy cow, 5 sessions for the this price? Wendi is losing it. Get it before I change my mind!   learn more (no coupon for this one) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ persuasion cds HALF OFF! If you want the big Power of Persuasion CD program- (not download, it is CDs that will be shipped to you) it is Worth $149, you get it for only $49.    learn more Hurry, this offer will be yanked out from under you if you wait too long. Rocky Mountain Love to you! Wendi
wendi bright Knowing the art of rapport is something that affects every area of your life. If you jump into business or personal relationships without having a clue about rapport, you might be turning people off without even realizing it. Some people are simply unaware of how badly they mismatch a person and the affect it has. Get in on the great deals today, won’t you! I promise you will love your new connection, intuition and influence skills. Your inner game is ON! Remember, I love you,
Wendi Wendi Friesen

wendi creek
Wendi Friesen, CHT
It has been quite a month. After all the packing, driving, road tripping, house hunting, unpacking, cleaning… well I am sure you get it, I am finally settling in. Boulder is an amazing place. It is beautiful, people are really friendly, the music is live and abundant. I was at the Farmer’s market and there was a marimba band. So cool, all these marimbas! Turns out they have a marimba school here in boulder so I signed up! I took my first lesson last week. I am also joining an improv group and I am riding my mountain bike everywhere I can. I am thinking that I will do my recordings in the mountains by a stream. The stream make such musical sounds and it would be totally cool to get inspired out there. Just gotta hope I don’t inspire any bears or lions. House cats always seem to be drawn to hypnosis, just hope the big kitties don’t have the same effect. Got any ideas for Bear and Lion deterrent? It would be a shame to get eaten at this stage of the game. Peace out, all! Wendi
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