Depression and Meditation

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Is Depression Genetic? Are you doomed? Watch… logowendi 11
Two interesting studies that go
well together.

The drug companies are trying to make the connection that depression is genetic. And it is discovered that people who are depressed have a certain genetic marker that might be causing the depression.
Since we know that your genes can change based on your life, thoughts and experiences, the depression might be causing the gene. Make sense? And of course, they must try to make a drug for this.

And the Meditation study shows permanent change in your brain as a result of meditation. Find out how this goes very nicely with the depression gene info.

Watch the video on youtube
Part 1
Part 2

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Fall treesA golden drive up to the mountains.

What a beautiful place to be in the fall. The mountains of Colorado are golden. I am realizing that I have never lived in a place where there is a real autumn.
The trees are just spectacular.

I have not had time to write my newsletters this  month, due to a big project I am working on. If you are on FaceBook you might remember me saying that I have a project that can end homelessness. The project is really taking off and almost ready to take it into the testing phase.
I will tell you all about it when it is closer to being ready. It is big. I am giving it all I've got!

Lots of love to you wherever you are. And watch the video today. It really is important to understand how you can help yourself and others to change the brain, the mind and your, well, everything!

I love you!

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